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  1. wii.red24

    Shinji Hashimoto on "How Kingdom Hearts III will grow up on its players"

    IGN got a chance to speak with Shinji Hasimoto on Kingdom Hearts III and here are some of the things he had to say. *( Shinji Hasimoto: On how people have grown up with KH) "It’s been 11 years since the original game was out and now we’ll...
  2. wii.red24

    New Interview with Tetsuya Nomura on FFXV and KHIII

    This interview comes to us via RPG Site RPG Site: It must be an interesting time for you right now – in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 you’re revisiting a major milestone in your career, while building two new ones in Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. When you look back at your older titles...
  3. wii.red24

    What should the resolution of Kingdom Hearts 3 be?

    Given all that has happened thus far in the Kingdom Hearts series everything has led up to the final confrontation between the 7 Seekers of Light and the 13 seekers of darkness what do you guys think will be the final outcome for Kingdom Hearts 3 do you think it will be a more darker outcome or...
  4. wii.red24

    Need help with Terra

    Does anybody have any advice on beating Terra in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix this M@THERF4CKER will not stop he is insane plz help...... Thanks wii.red24 Edit : Its kind of sad i can't count on this community for anything oh well thanks for nothing : /
  5. wii.red24

    How to Make Sea Salt Ice Cream

    Hey guys so i found this recipe online for How to make Sea Salt Ice Cream, and i thought I would share it with all of you in case you may be interested. {Sea Salt Ice Cream Recipe}...
  6. wii.red24

    Need help with Stat Maxing in KH2 FM

    Hey guys wii.red24, I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 FM alot lately and, I'm Level 99 (Normal) however both my strength, and magic stats are 61 while my defense is 70. The problem is I've been playing hours on end Maxing out drive forms, destroying waves of heartless and nobodies etc. Maybe...
  7. wii.red24

    Leaked Xbox 720 and PS4 Specs

    I'm Not too sure if this has been brought up before or not but as most of you may know the Xbox 720 and PS4 are in development right now set to be released to market around sometime next year. The specifications for those consoles have already been leaked online by Many sources such as IGN, UK...
  8. wii.red24

    Anime/Manga ► Favorite Vampire Anime

    I'm just curious I know some of you like myself are anime fans but what's your favorite vampire anime or do you even have a favorite? (Mine fav is Hellsing you know the orginal, the one everybody hates) XD
  9. wii.red24

    Ten things u think should have never existed

    Sometimes there are things in this world like movies, video games etc. that are released that happen to be so bad we may never speak of them again and we try to pretend they sort of never happened. (RULES OF THIS THREAD) I will post ten things that i think should have never existed and then the...
  10. wii.red24

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final mix (on critical)

    So i've had Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix quite a while now, and i've done most of the things that i wanted to do like fighting and beating all of the Absent Sillheouts (i know i spelled that wrong lol) watching the extra cutscenes defeating mushrooms oh and fighting terra. One thing i have yet do...
  11. wii.red24

    Tech ► Open vs. Closed Source Software

    Hey guys it me Wii.red24 i was wanting to know your what you guys think on the whole debate on free software vs proprietary software thats been going on for quite sometime now. I now some of u may be Windows users and some of u guys may be Linux users, I'll just exlpain this real shortly in case...
  12. wii.red24

    Which Kingdom Hearts opening is your favorite?

    Pretty much just what the title says out of the whole series which Kingdom Hearts opening is your favorite? (Mine is KH BBS)
  13. wii.red24

    This forum has been alot of fun in 5 years

    Whether you know me or not maybe you do alright i've had the chance to meet some really cool people on this site who are really into Kingdom Hearts just like me and the best part about the whole 5 years so far has been seeing everything change mostly just people leave or whatver but i can...
  14. wii.red24

    just a thought

    So we see that vanitas in khbbs is the dakness which mx created out of ven and we see that in khDDD vanitas has mysteriously reappeared as the mystery boy so the question could be raised do u think mx will try and recreate the xblade using let's say idk sora and vanitas.(for some reason this...
  15. wii.red24

    Which Final Mix did you like the best

    So i've been playing Kingdom Hearts final mix I and II, both of them recently and i was thinking to myself these are kickass games with tons of extras and bonuses but i was wanting to know which game u thought was the best Kingdom Hearts Final Mix the original or Kingdom Hearts Final Mix II
  16. wii.red24

    Famitsu to commemorate 10th anniversary of kingdom hearts in April issue

    Quite a bit of news Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu plans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts in their next issue by naming the issue 10th anniversary special the issue is due out April 12th are you excited, check it out here. ???????????? ????10????????????????????????????? -...
  17. wii.red24

    Help with mushroom proof KH2 FM

    So I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix at the moment, and I'm trying to hunt down all of the Orginization XIII Mushrooms however i don't have all of their locations if anyone could help and fill me in on all 13 thanks that would be really cool.
  18. wii.red24

    Comics ► New Super hero Movies ___ The batman Returns ?

    So far in the year of 2011 we've manged to see many Super Hero movies such as Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor, In spite of this economy however its been announced that The Amazing Spiderman is set to be released next year along with A new batman Movie and there is also confirmed reports...
  19. wii.red24

    Comic Con 2011

    So What Did you Think Of San Diego Comic Con 2011 was it better than last year or not so great post your thoughts below.
  20. wii.red24

    Dreamcast (ah the memories)

    This is the offical thread to talk about all things dreamcast i.e. what are your favorite games why do u think it died to the ps2 do u even still own a dreamcast etc.