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    What the hell? FFXIII US and Japanese endings are mirrored.[SPOILER]

    Japanese Ending English Ending Images: Japanese Enlgish Or at least some parts of it are.
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    Explain the Sora Connection part.

    Well, I think for the most part I got the Birth By Sleep storyline down maybe not all of it but, I guess I'll save that for when the game comes out. Now, can someone explain how and why Sora is the chosen one. The secret ending says everything has always been around him. And that it is up to...
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    Are you going to import or wait?

    As we all know, PSP games are region-free so that gives us the advantage of importing the game and playing the game on our American PSPs. Are you going to do this? or are you going to wait? Although, I don't understand a word of Japanese, I am going to import, play the game and than go to...
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    Is it worth it?

    I have no Nintendo DS so, I can't play the game. As seeing its a side game and doesn't really matter to the story, I don't think it would be important enough to play it. I have read a detailed description of the game and I understand the plot. Now, is it really worth buying just to have a first...
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    My Friend, The Rapper

    One of my good friends, just released this song. Had the beat professionally made, and recorded. Trying to see how people think of him. Your thoughts, please. Frenzy Duh Kid - Money N Duh Aurr: YouTube - MONEY N DUH AURR
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    Just Picked Up The Game - Question

    Hey, just picked up the game after work, (didn't seem all that great to get it on its release date, seeing I played it on the GBA). Was just wondering if there is a difference in Standard Mode and Proud Mode? I don't feel like getting the extra stuff in Stand mode to unlock things, so is there...
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    George Carlin Has Died

    Dude, this ****ing sucks. He was soo awesome. George Carlin Has Died He was the truth.
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    Wireless Router Sucks - Help Please

    I have a Linksys WRT54G and my god it sucks. We set it up back in November. It was for my sis to get internet on her laptop and she doesn't use it every often. Sometimes, it just doesn't work, it stops. For her and our main computer, since she doesn't use it, I would unplug my ethernet...
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    Malware ATTACK

    I download some firewall bullshit, and now I think I have some type of malware, since, my computer restarted three times in a row. There some new start up in my MSCONFIG, and I disabled it, and i think it has stopped the restarting. Anyhelp? EDIT: Figured out it was a BackDoor.Bonanza.5...
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    Remedy for Scratched PS2 Games??!!!

    I managed to trip on my PS2, making it fall to the floor, which really isn't even a few inches down. While, playing FF12, everything was going fine, thinking that I broke my PS2. When I restarted my game, it wouldn't load the screen. Took the disc out to find 2 different scratches on the...
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    MKV to AVI

    Yeah, anyone know any real good video converter that can convert MKV to AVI? I been through enough to know there are rarely any. Help?
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    Son Smokes Pot, Dad Sells Game As Punishment, makes 9000 dollars

    Owned. 25 charcters.........
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    n00best. question. ever.

    is a computers orginal disc drive the E drive? School project, trying to figure out how i can present my project.
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    Wanna see something really creepy?

    Found this guy on YouTube, and man that is just creepy. YouTube - Part of your world - Give us your voice contest Nick Pitera YouTube - Me Singing A Whole New World Disney's Aladdin Nick Pitera Discuss?
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    Task Manager; Processes Issue

    Okay, I need just a little advise on this problem. My processes on my task manager seem a bit too much, take a look: http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i21/TheSilentSoldier/untitled.jpg is there something wrong, and is there a way I can stop these tiny processes that I have no idea what they do.
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    Hotel in Space?! By 2012?

    Fly me to the moon: space hotel sees 2012 opening - Yahoo! News Couldn't believe it myself but, give it a read. I never thought the "people living in space" would come in my lifetime let alone, in 4-5 years. Its quite known to all of us, that were never gonna be quests Galactic Suite hotel...
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    Way to stop AIM from creating filelib folder?

    AIM keep creating this useless folder I never use. Is there a way to stop AIM from creating it? Thanks.
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    Pretty cool add-on...

    Cooliris - Browse Faster & Discover More Lets you preview the link when you hover over it, found this very handy. Very handy, in forums, I might say. If, in wrong section please moved. ;D
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    Help/Support ► Cursed - I'm getting scared

    Okay I'm getting a bit scared of physic and cruses. Okay, let me explain what has happened. Okay around like 2 weeks ago a physic came to my best friend of where he works and told him that he will rise and that I will fall. He comes again and tells him more specific details of what's going to...
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    Microsoft Surface - Future of Computers

    Pretty cool. Wouldn't mind having this in my living room. Microsoft Surface