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  1. Mr Yippie

    Keyblade Transformations

    So looking through Nomura's information on KH3, I read that each keyblade will have its own transformation akin to the guns/cannon shown in the KH3 footage. EACH KEYBLADE. Think of all the unique weapons you'll be able to make! I have no doubt KH3 will have a ton of blades just like KH2, but...
  2. Mr Yippie

    If KH3DHD is released...

    What will be attached with it? Will it just be the game on its own? I somewhat doubt it.
  3. Mr Yippie

    Fanfiction ► Sans Cannons: Ex. X

    Chapter One wherein our protagonist belittles himself to the state of a breakfast entrée Darkness. Pain. Eternal suffering. This was the worst hangover of the man's entire life. A long, mournful groan echoed through the alleyway. The man was slumped along a mournful row of trash...
  4. Mr Yippie

    What's your probable Dream Eater team?

    I think I'm going to roll with double dinosaurs, Triceratops and Rex, prehistoric punks and whatnot
  5. Mr Yippie

    Can someone list the Mirage Arena game modes?

    Because I think I saw a Boss Rush option, and I'm really, REALLY hoping I saw what I think I saw.
  6. Mr Yippie

    If the Unversed are controlled by...

    Vanitas, how come the disney villains were able to harness their power? I'm pretty damn sure that the Pumpkin Carriage wasn't just wandering around COD waiting for Aqua to show up. It is apparent that Tremaine summoned it, as well as the Conductor/Orchestrator unversed. She hides behind it for...
  7. Mr Yippie

    BBS Boss List -Spoilers, Duh-

    In this order for each world; Terra, Ventus, Aqua. Bosses with an asterik are fought by more than one character. Dwarf Woodland Magic Mirror (Which is total bullshit) Big Tree Unverse Magic Mirror Enchanted Dominion Wheel Master Unverse Maleficent Maleficent (Dragon Form) Castle of...
  8. Mr Yippie

    3 Reasons why Pinocchio's World should be in BBS.

    1. It follows the storyline. In the movie, Gepetto and Pinocchio meet in Monstro near the end of the movie. Because we met Gepetto in Monstro the world (and whale) in KH2, then why shouldn't there be an explanation of how he got in the whale's stomach himself? In the movie, here is the...
  9. Mr Yippie

    More partner customization?

    What I'd like to see in future KH games: 1. Bringing world-specific partners to other worlds. I'd love to bring Jack Skellington and Beast with me to Notre Dame (just an example), and maybe the creators could work in specific cutscenes designed for different combinations of followers. For...
  10. Mr Yippie

    Will BBS's combat system be overpowered?

    This might be the millionth thread about this, but I just wanted to ask it myself. Am I the only one worried that BBS might be a tad too easy? I have no clue, having not played the game yet, but in the videos my reaction was this: "Oh cool, looks like they are just swinging the keyblade...
  11. Mr Yippie

    Only ONE new companion so far?

    I've noticed Stitch is the first new ally to work with in any of the BBS worlds so far. Are there going to be any more? I see the prince from SB working together with TAV to save Aurora, and maybe Prince Charming in Snow White's World. But will there be a partner for Castle of Dreams? I highly...
  12. Mr Yippie

    I think we all know about that Pumpkin Carriage..

    And why it has turned into an unverse. Will this be a replacement for a Lady Tremaine boss battle? It looks pretty badass for a pumpkin.
  13. Mr Yippie


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