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  1. matt_hdo

    BbS v2??? *Spoilers"

    Let me say first, that I dont want to put rain on your party, but I was chating with a friend of mine that is also a big fan of KH about the BbS V2, and we go to the conclusion that we cant be sure if there is gonna be a volume 2 for BbS, we have the secret ending on the FM, and we also have...
  2. matt_hdo

    X-blade Theory

    Well, all of you know now that the x-blade was broken by Aqua and Ven, but of where it comes??, and now that is broken where is??, I think i know, you know that the X-blade is the only keyblade that can open KH on the BbS Story, but if you remember well, in KH 1, there were needed 2 KB to close...
  3. matt_hdo

    What would you transform your Keyblade into?

    Well, we all know that TAV can transform their Keyblades in different shapes, like weapons or vehicles; if you had a Keyblade, to what you would transform it? o.o
  4. matt_hdo

    [BbS] different keychains???

    I was wondering if in BbS they would have different keychains for different keyblades like in the past games, even in days Roxas and all the organization have different keyblades and weapons, so what do you think??
  5. matt_hdo

    hi, im a newbie, XD

    Well hello, My name as you cans ee is Matt HdO, the HdO stands fro Hittori de Okami, that is lonely wolf in japanesse, XD, im mexican, i have 23 years old, im a KH fan since 5 years ago, i have played all the games that have come to america and have them all, XD, my record on KHII is of 32 hrs...
  6. matt_hdo


    Well, I was playing a MMORPG and i notice that many of the players are KH fans, some of them using names as roxas, sora or any other charachter of the series, and then i realices, why SE dont make one of KH??, the time will be during the Keyblade wars, you can make your own avatar, customize...