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  1. Perception╘Truth

    She was tall, dark and so full of machinery she made a Corvette look like Lego sets- a CyberNoir RP

    Firstly, Blade Runner. If you aren't familiar with it, please, for the love of Harrison Ford, go watch it! Secondly, I was thinking, would a Cyberpunk/film noir style RP work? I've answered that for myself but I was wondering what you guys thought. If there's enough interest I'd look into...
  2. Perception╘Truth

    Because I am bored and need someone to kickstart my buns!

    OPEN BATTLE Come one, come all, it's time somebody kicked my ass around this place again. Anything you want, anyplace you want, the only stipulation is that you run this fight to its conclusion. So, if anyone wants to fight me, please, let me know.
  3. Perception╘Truth

    Could use a little Refresher...

    Been awhile since I've done any legit rp battling, here or in an rp. Question is, who wants to give me a little warm-up? Everything is up to you, location, characters, powers or no powers, etc. Just need to get the old noodle workin' again. My only request is someone who can post...
  4. Perception╘Truth

    Where is it?

    Hey, i've been looking for like 20 minutes and I can't find the name change thread. I need to make a slight alteration so I can use my phone. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? I'll ask this to be deleted as soon as I get a link. Thanks
  5. Perception╘Truth

    Rusting Away. (Open Challenge)

    It has been FOREVER since I've been on this site, let alone done a roleplay battle. I desperately need a refresher and anyone who wants to help a guy out would be appreciated. I would prefer whoever takes this challenge to be experienced at least a little bit, but really anyone is welcome to...
  6. Perception╘Truth

    Shaking off the Dust (Open Battle)

    Hey guys, for those of you who knew me back in the day, which was last year, I'm back for the summer and need a refresher. Basically I need a short, no-strings battle. Preferably melee only, but if I don't get any challengers then I will allow it to become a power battle. I only need one...
  7. Perception╘Truth

    Going Softly Into This Dark Night- A Goodbye

    So, this is it. As of Monday, U.S. Time, I will be gone from these forums, probably forever, or at least for an undisclosed amount of time. So, this is basically a place for people to leave goodbyes, crituqes, comments and any other stuff you want to leave. Most of you may not know me, but I...
  8. Perception╘Truth

    Eulalia!!!! An idea.

    Alright then. There are some who might know what this might be about when you read the title, there are others who will know when I say RedWall what this is about, and then there are some of you who are scratching your heads. Basically I wanna see who's interested in a Redwall rp. Just post...
  9. Perception╘Truth

    Oblivion Clan: Last resort

    I am MasterofTerraOblivion, the last of a dying breed. This is a recruiting and challenge thread. I have decided to start a ditch effort to rebuild a shattered clan. This is for anyone who wishes to join the Oblivion Clan. I am the new leader of the Oblivion Clan. This is a registration...
  10. Perception╘Truth

    I'll shall kill my newest challen... oooooooh look, a bunny.

    Yeah, Easter weekend and I feel like using my being of pure light. I'm planning to, by Independence day, use certain holidays to reveal each of my original concept characters before I make a new rp based off of them. So I've already introduced two and used one to battle, but I'll use the next...
  11. Perception╘Truth

    A reintroduction for myself and a friend: A challeng to <.Yondaime.>

    Yeah, that's right buddy, I need a warm-up, and so do you, you've been gone almost a month, so I think a reintroducing would be good for the both of us. So this can be Power or Melee, your choice. Rules Basic Rules No G-modding No P-playing This is an all out fight, no quittin' on me Judges
  12. Perception╘Truth

    Need an intervention!!

    It has been almost 2 months since i have done any post worth while, and longer than that since I have had a decent battle. This is an open battle, anyone can apply, but I wouldn't mind a two on one against to noobs. I will post the rules when I get a challenger, so if someone wants to fight a...
  13. Perception╘Truth

    Time for a Stretch

    Yeah, I'm back, and I'm ready to kick some arse, actually, this is just a refresher for me, any level of experience is fine, but if your new, I need at least two of you to fight me, kk, thanks. Rules: Morph's rules, if you don't know them, then go look um up!! Um, Noobz aloud, but I need at...
  14. Perception╘Truth

    Advent Calendar: A Challenge

    Yeah, that's right, I am calling out Fatal Advent. We started a fight long ago, but it never finished, so now I am starting a new one. This is also to mark a point for me and him. I was there when he took on LoC, but now he is premium, and I'm not. So Fatal, ready or not here I come...
  15. Perception╘Truth

    From Ashes to Ashes: A Two on Two battle

    Yeah, I created a thread sunday, and little did I know, It took Takushi almost a week later to remove all posts. So now I decided to post the thread that started the battle. So people who are competing in this fight (Me, Khfanatic, and the other two, sorry guys havin a brain blank) post your...
  16. Perception╘Truth

    A Thousand Blades of Darkness or in tech speak: Teh Uber Lots of Sowrdies of Blck

    Yeah, that's right, I am willing to fight someone with no literacy skills, mental problems, and complete disregard for the rules. In the immortal words of Jack Black, that's right, Black. "This is not the greatest fight in the world, no, this is just a challenge, whoah!!!" Yeah, just kidding...
  17. Perception╘Truth

    X-Men: The Hunted

    I know, I am still low on the totem pole here. But this rp, on another site, brought about my rise of power. I doubt it will do that here, but I'm going to try any whay. This is actually a revamped version of my X-Men: Sentinel Rising. Anywho. Story The young boy ran as fast as he could carry...
  18. Perception╘Truth

    Adrain's Challenge

    I need to test an old character of mine, with new adjustments. I thought since most everyone here is fairly talented I would test him here. Anyone who wants a fight, go ahead. I'll post my template after I choose a challenger. RUles Basic rules, No g-mod, no p-ping, power charcters are ok, but...
  19. Perception╘Truth

    Digimon: Digital Gate-The New Digidestined

    Story 40 years ago a new transportation to the Digital World. It was called the Digital Gate and for almost 20 years after it was a glorious time, when digimon and humans got along. But soon after, taxing and bad realtions a war began. For ten years humans and digimon tried to destroy each...
  20. Perception╘Truth

    I need some practice!!! Who wants to die?

    I am officially issuing a challenge to any one who wants a fight. Here is my character's template Name:Marx Dragonblade Age: Looks 16 but might be as old or older then our solar system, who knows Race: Half Elven Half Drago(Dragon People) Appearence: He has pointed ears and an angular...