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    Been awhile

    Haven’t been on here for about 13 years 🤣 but I was just looking through some of my old posts in the old GFX section when I used to be in graphics clans. Wonder if anyone remembers me or if anybody even still goes on here that I knew from before 🤯
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    New KH2-FM/KH:re CoM Scan!

    just in case nobody else has seen it =P http://img156.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=16544_03_kh2f_122_342lo.jpg RIKU!!!
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    James Bond: Casino Rayale

    views on the film ? what did you think of the new bonds acting and just the hole style of the movie ?
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    .//FDD assignment 3~

    ok guys i want you all to participate in this please ok were gunna do LP's (Large media graphics) can be a wallpaper or a splash but theme is Naruto k the entry has to be handed in by October 2nd *Hana can participate she wishes*
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    .:Cerberus Paradox Cup Help:.

    please tell me there is a way to get points more easy or enough to get past 1000 ... i cant reach anythink past that and i need 1300 ... may i add that ive only got to 1000 once so im like wth shall i do .... any tips peeps ?
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    Drive Gauge

    whats the highest the drive gauge (MAX) can be leveled up to cuz i have 7 but ive seen it at 9 in a video ...
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    question about things said in the sora vs roxas battle

    does anybody have a theory on things said in this battle such as 'why did HE choose you' i was just wondering what people thought
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    for the Swap Magic users ... installing

    ok basically this is for the people that are gunna be importing KH2 ... if you are having difficulty installing you magic keys or slide tool go here for help they got videos aswell on how to install (magic keys takes like 10-30 seconds to install)...
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    about hollow bastion ... ?

    will you be able to go to the place where the keyhole was and where the princesses were kept ?
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    100 acre wood scans

    new scans of 100 acre wood looks like battles in the one ... hard to see things though ...