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  1. Suzuku

    Why is Nomura's name on everything?

    It seems like every FF game since X has Nomura's name on it. Usually you put the guy who directed the game, but when you start a FF game the subtitle is "Characters designed by Tetsuya Nomura" rather than a director's name. Is there a reason why Nomura gets his name singled out om everything?
  2. Suzuku

    Chaos Rings

    Recently announced, full out RPG for iPhone. Looks like a late Playstation-era Final Fantasy game, which is really impressive, with a development team consisting of FFVII, VIII, and X's art designer Yusuke Naora doing character designs; story by Yoshinori Kitajima, who was the scenario writer...
  3. Suzuku

    Activision Announces New Plans for Call of Duty series, milking now in overdrive

    Activision's New Plans For Call of Duty Include New Developer, New Genres - Infinity Ward - Kotaku And another publisher fucks up another series. :sag
  4. Suzuku

    How to change account on PSP

    Okay, so I downloaded FFVIII and Dissidia from PSN two weeks ago. I downloaded them on my computer because it was faster than downloading it directly to the PSP. However, I apparently used a different account than the one that was originally registered on my PSP to download the games. So when I...
  5. Suzuku

    Kingdom Hearts Expansion

    With Nomura's latest talk of KH becoming an annual series and possible new sub series based on KH being released, how big do you think KH will become? Will it be as important to Squeenix as FF and DQ in the future
  6. Suzuku

    (Secret Boss) DEFEATED w/ Ven

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep - Vanitas Lingering Sentiment Defeated (Fight with Ven) Not sure if this has been posted, sorry if it has.
  7. Suzuku

    Birth by Sleep dramaticly boosted PSP sales

    Kingdom Hearts Does Wonders For PSP In Japan - The japanese hardware chart - Kotaku Wow, I wonder how many of those are PSP BbS bundles?
  8. Suzuku

    Birth by Sleep Live Stream Link

    I thought it was kind of hard scourging this site and the rest of the internets searching for live streaming links, so I thought making one central, dedicated thread for posting the links in would make it easier for people to find streaming links. Please post some.
  9. Suzuku

    Silver head guy is antagonist of coded and secret boss of BbS

    Nomura obviously put an emphasis on him the two times he was shown in the game and kept his face hidden for a reason. He's probably the antagonist of coded and the next KH game, and also probably the secret boss we'll have to fight in BbS
  10. Suzuku

    So if Vanitas...

    Is connected to Sora, why does Riku fight like him instead? lettuce
  11. Suzuku

    Why are so many of you begging for the end of KH?

    Seriously, what? Are you serious? lettuce I guess people really aren't ever happy with anything.
  12. Suzuku

    Theory on the next KH game

    So from what I can gather, the next game will be about Sora rescuing the tormented hearts (Lingering Sentiment, Aqua and Ansem, Xion, Axel, and Ven, other Org. XIII members, etc.) across the Kingdom Hearts universe by going back in time through the data world and it will be named Reconnect...
  13. Suzuku

    So the next game will be called...

    Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts? Less weird than 358/2 days or Birth by Sleep at least.
  14. Suzuku

    When and how was Days announced?

    Does anyone remember when and how Days' American release date was announced? I want to know since Square may do the same thing with BbS.
  15. Suzuku

    New Code Geass Anime Announced

    New Code Geass Anime Announced | Sankaku Complex raitohahaha
  16. Suzuku

    Official "I Won't Look At Spoilers" Thread

    With less than a week till the game is released, I think it's appropriate to make this now. Make your foolish pledges here. Let the torture begin. raitohahaha
  17. Suzuku

    Creator of Final Fantasy working on iPhone game

    Final Fantasy Creator Working On iPhone Game - mistwalker - Kotaku Wonder what it is. :o
  18. Suzuku

    A Mickey Route?

    Do you guys think it's possible that after beating Aqua's, Ven's, and Terra's routes that a secret Mickey route will be unlocked? I started to think this was possible because his own journey seems to play a major role in BbS and he is on the cover with all of the other playable characters. It...