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  1. D∆NTE

    Haven't done this in four years

    Anyone up for a battle? We'll discuss the rules as soon as it's confirmed :)
  2. D∆NTE


    Stupid dance that shouldn't be a dance style Good dancing Or just don't care. What do you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCG0J3WVWME&feature=player_embedded
  3. D∆NTE

    Any one keen.

    So basically I haven't been on the site in a Looooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg time and haven't battled in a while. I just want to see if I'v gotten better or worse. Name: D∑ITY AGE: Unknown ORIGIN: Vex POWER: Darkness Manipulation History: Unknown I'll work on it and make it a lot better and bigger...
  4. D∆NTE

    Open Battle

    I'm trying to improve my skill so please, if anyone has the time I'm up for a battle, just to see if I have improved at all since my last visit which was last year. I will post up a bio whenever I get a confirmation, I'll let you handle all the details.
  5. D∆NTE

    Officialy Back Guys

    Sup, remember me, I'm the one that you had the many fail threads last year , my old user-name was terra99032, I'm just saying that I'm back and that I'm starting fresh. The last time I was here I was only 11, I was immature, "up myself" and couldn't battle for shit. But I have gotten older and...
  6. D∆NTE


    Any Cwalkers and or shufflers here. Can u post up a vid of yourself doing it. I'll show you some of my vids. The first one is from primary school years ago but I only recently posted it up and changed the song. I'm the black guy in red and black. YouTube - UFCC shuffle and C-walk [/YOUTUBE] The...
  7. D∆NTE


    Havn't been on in god knows how long. No internet. The only person I've spoken to is blood aeon. He was talking about some guy saying poo about me in his interveiws; whats up with that. So, What's new. Oh and, what the hell is munny ?
  8. D∆NTE

    Help/Support ► Science question

    Will placing an Icy pole inside a newsletter slow down the melting process. And why.
  9. D∆NTE

    challenge to Uby Ti

    No Temps needed, Just tell me ur characters name, appearance and Abilities. Name: Luxus Abilitie: Shapeshifting : Luxus has the ability to shapeshift into whoever he wants to. This means that he will gain this particular person (or thing)'s powers, appearance and weakness. (Yes, it is the...
  10. D∆NTE

    Quick battle

    Normal characters, no reality warping or whatever. and no temp. All you have to do is state your characters ability and appearance in 1 short senteance or a pick. Shouldn't take too long. just a quick one to keep me from being bored. You can choose all the essentials.
  11. D∆NTE

    Time Trial

    yea, pretty much a battle. If you don't beat me withing 23 posts then you lose. So, it's kinda like a time trial. Any one can try, I don't care if your experienced or not. I will finish my temp in a few minutes. I'll let you choose all the necesities, like the location and stuff.
  12. D∆NTE


    I'm challenging Jezza to a battle. Jezza, if I win, you stop bugging me and mind your buisness. If you win, well, i'll let you choose. You can also choose the essentials. Truth be told, I don't care if I get pawned by you. D∆NTE APPEARANCE: No one has really seen DANTE’s Face; he wears a...
  13. D∆NTE

    Lit ► Darksiders (Spooilers)

    I'm surprised that no one has spoken about this yet, (I think, I did search). The game was extremely annoying and challenging and fun to play. The Visuals where brilliant during the cut-scenes and while you play. It took me and my uncle about a week to finish this. In the end, we were thinking...
  14. D∆NTE


    I'm bored and I have nothing else to do. This Stupid but time wasting idea just popped up in my head. If you know me, or have seen me, any where, then please, post in this thread and say so. We could all be friends and start wicked convo's. lol, jks. lol, this thread isn't gonna get any reply's...
  15. D∆NTE


    Ok, I see Platniums and staff members like Krank with cool avatars. What I wanna know is, where the hell do you find them.
  16. D∆NTE

    Help/Support ► HELP !!!!

    Ok, before I begin, I want to say that I cannot search threads. I don't know why. I click on "search this thread", and nothing happens. My computer has been acting weird and I can't do things like add people to my friends list, change the thing directly below my username that says "premium...
  17. D∆NTE

    Help/Support ► Avatar

    I don't know if this is just the laptop I'm using but, I can't seem to get a new avatar. whenever I click on edit avatar it comes up with the usual things. But, I can no longer see the browse part. Which means that I can't get a new Avatar.
  18. D∆NTE

    Help/Support ► Premium

    I just reached premium. Can someone tell me why my name isn't red and how I can change the thing below my name.
  19. D∆NTE


    THE BROTHERHOOD FALLOUT 3 Like KHI, this FC isn't just for Fallout. You can talk about other things, like, how crap your life is. But, you will get flamed by me if you talk about that because frankly, I don't care about your problems and I don't want you to tell me about them. lol, any way...
  20. D∆NTE

    Help/Support ► Getting Permission to Join Social Groups

    Ok, so I try to join a Moderated group and it says that I need to get permission. How do I do that ?