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    Out of the Blue

    V1 V2
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    Creative Elegance July Pack

    If Jade would like to apologise to me, i'll be happy to put this back up :) -Cloud
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    No Prefix For This One.

    I just can't seem to get anything constructive around here done anymore. A lot of you know why, it doesn't help me being here, I don't know if it ever will, this place never was for me, no matter how hard I tried making it. I know this isn't the right section really to put this, but this is the...
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    Tried Some New Things

    Just messed around with stuff. Version1 Version 2
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    CnC Please.
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    How Do I Put an Art Portfolio Together?

    Going to apply for this job, probably not qualified. It is asking for adobe ninjas(whatever the fuck that is) and someone with knowledge on photoshop. Figure why not and try to see what would happen, if I tried to take my art into the real world. I need a portfolio though, and have no idea where...
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    Fall in Summer

    CnC Please EDIT D: didnt know the damn uploader would cut it like that and make it jpg.
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    I tried smudging.

    Doesn't blend for shit, probably cause I mainly focus on trying to get it to blend.
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    Help/Support ► Money Dating Alternatives?!?!?!(I.E. Dates with little to no Money)

    I need to start dating again, or something to get me out of this depression. One night stands never really did it for me. I need to just actually try and date someone again. Anyway, with that said, I am not the wealthiest dude in town, so what are some good things to do with a girl that don't...
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    A Request I Got

    Figure why not post it. CNC
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    Collab Tournament: Post If You are Interested

    As the title says, I am doing a voting style for this tournament. Don't go getting a partner just yet. Like the title says post if you are interested, I will go futher into the rules if we can get 6 people to post who are interested, I am one, so we just need five. I want to try and get ten, but...
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    I guess what could be a new sotw entry

    Tried to make me something to get away from cutting, but it didn't happen, ended doing it again. When I was done I finished this. CNC please
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    Help/Support ► So I just cut myself

    I don't really know why people do this. I think it is actually helping the pain that I am going through, there were some shakes at it is just now starting to stop bleeding. I starting to shake again though. Anyway has anyone gone through so much pain that they feel they need to do this?
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    Made This Out of Pure Emotion

    Been going through some shit with someone, and it actually brought me artistic inspiration. CNC please.
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    Blending is Dumb

    I tried making it look somewhat better, but that didn't happen.
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    WARNING!! CMY Base Tag

    I don't like it.
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    Tried to take into consideration of what you all said. Let me know what you think, CNC. I tried to intergrate the text closer to the stock, and I croped it. Tried some filters as well, they don't show up much though.
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    Enter Galactic Cudi

    I really tried to work on my smudging, but I don't know how well that went.
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    Better than the Other One

    New potenial sotw entry. Let me know what you think. CNC please. Not going to lie, I tried to do what Jaxx did and have text one side and the stock on the other. I like it.