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  1. Cassette-Disk

    Fanfiction ► My Warrior Cats X Kingdom Hearts Fanfic!!!

    Hey guys, I've been sitting on this for a while but there hasn't been any outcry for this particular crossover, so I never got around to posting it. I decided to go ahead and just post it anyway! Right now! For no reason! And has nothing to do with someone anger-posting their way into being...
  2. Cassette-Disk


    Let's give this another shot. I don't feel as though I wrote enough interesting things in this first part so I plan on writing more right away to try and get into more juicy bits and pieces. I've always sucked at beginnings and I think next time I 'start' something, it should be in a less...
  3. Cassette-Disk

    CLASSIC: Blue Shift

    IIIIIIIT'S NANO TIME BOYS AND GIRLS. OH BOY OH BOY. Consider this a CLASSIC side story. I'll be posting everyday (hopefully) with whatever I've written in a single sitting. As always, this is just a draft and will undoubtedly have grammar, spelling, and probably even continuity errors. Whoops...
  4. Cassette-Disk


    BUT I DID SO ANYWAY. About a week ago I decided to just draw something and I had fun doing it. I'm not any good yet but maybe with more practice I can be??? I dunno but I did some quick sketches. The first few are on lined paper because I didn't think things through, but I bought a cheap sketch...
  5. Cassette-Disk

    Appreciate the Invasion

    “Nothing really happens in this town. This is a place where the front page of papers are based on unconfirmed rumors because there isn't anything else worth reporting. The latest fascination is on a UFO sighting. Unbelievable, is this a real press or a tabloid sitting on on grocery store...
  6. Cassette-Disk

    Appreciate the Simple Stuff (Sign Ups/OoC)

    --- Welcome to Ellin, the small town where for one reason or another you have chosen to spend a piece of your adult life. Whether you are here because of work, to pursue your life goals, or just because this happens to be the place where your soul and body entered the world, you will...
  7. Cassette-Disk

    Appreciate the Simple Stuff (Slice of Life Interest Check/Questions)

    The title says it all: I'm thinking of starting up a new RP based on the simple everyday life. It's such an easy concept but there are more than a few problems with it. For starters I don't have a set story for the characters yet and though at first people could be drawn to the idea of character...
  8. Cassette-Disk

    Indivisible (A Crowd Funded Game by the Developers of Skullgirls)

    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indivisible-an-rpg-by-lab-zero-and-505-games/x/8617424#/ gE6zS6Z9FGQ A game inspired by others, Indivisible is a game similar to Valkyrie Profile in that it plays a lot like a platformer until you bump (or smash) into an enemy, wherein you enter a combat...
  9. Cassette-Disk

    CLASSIC [Multiplayer Edition]

    CLASSIC [Multiplayer Edition] I remember very distinctly one summer when I was a kid. It started out just like any other summer for me, and I spent a lot of my time by a nearby river fishing. I was told from an early age that I'd have to follow my dad's footsteps and become a fisherman, as lame...
  10. Cassette-Disk

    CLASSIC [Multiplayer Edition] (Sign ups/OoC. CD-Max Collab)

    CLASSIC The sounds of the bustling town surround you as you try your best to slide past the river of people. Off in the distance you can hear a hammer striking an anvil, as well as the accompanying grunts the apprentice makes as he swings the tool down, eager to finish his last job...
  11. Cassette-Disk

    The Request Board

    Please refer to this post for information on the request board. Theme --- [/spoiler]
  12. Cassette-Disk

    National Novel Writing Month

    The month of November isn't just about turkey, it's also National Novel Writing Month! With just a little over a week until November starts, I figured it might be a good time to bring this up. The rules of the game in a nutshell: -Write 50,000 words in a month -Be the sole author of your work...
  13. Cassette-Disk

    CD's Right Writes

    Yo, what's up. I've decided to save some space and make a single thread for any and all new content I create from now on, not including stories that already have their own threads. I have a bunch of ideas I want to put out, but I'd hate to get started on them and never finish them (see: Simple...
  14. Cassette-Disk

    Appreciate #8: Wasting Time

    "What if they don't like me?" "They're going to love you." I had a bunch to say about this, but now I can't think of anything. Oh well. Expect an update every Friday), but if I miss a week feel free to throw a shoe at me. --- I stood proudly above the clouds. The mountain under my feet...
  15. Cassette-Disk

    This Isn't Poerty.

    I have no idea what this is, I just found it on an old computer and they're weird. So weird I gotta share them. Most of them don't even rhythm, but freestyle is a form that exists right? I can just lump those in there. I don't even know anymore. "Stale Cupcakes" It's my own fault, really You...
  16. Cassette-Disk

    CLASSIC [Magical Library Expansion]

    I'm bad at starting stories. I'm even worse at following through with them. Thankfully I already have half of the next part written out, and by posting the first half, I'm forcing myself to write no matter what. Furthermore, this will be more episodic than other things I've written before, so if...
  17. Cassette-Disk

    Simple Stuff

    This first part is called bad ideas because I wrote it all in one sleep deprived morning and it was probably a bad idea for a number of reasons. It also probably has something to do with how the character acts, I guess. Let me know if any part of it is hard to follow for whatever reason, I'm...
  18. Cassette-Disk

    A Void To Fill

    God ain't gonna help you.
  19. Cassette-Disk

    A Few Ideas to Vote On

    I really feel as if we need a new RP to get off the ground, and I just so happen to have a few ideas for one. That being said, some of these are very early in development (read: I have no idea where they're going) so I'm going to need someone else to collab it up with me. Let's have ourselves a...