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  1. ROXAS_32

    TV ► All New Jackie Chan Adventures

    https://youtu.be/r-5DN2DsqoM I'm not sure what to think of this... I enjoyed watching the original during SAT AM Kids WB block but, I don't think many will like what they are doing with it now. Personally I feel they should have name it something else so people wont be expecting a reboot or...
  2. ROXAS_32

    [Music] Zelda's Lullaby

    I perform the main Princess Zelda Theme on Piano pMe2uMfNv6w Thought...? Probably should had repeated. Feels kinda short.
  3. ROXAS_32

    Back playing Piano again... - Lazy Afternoon (2015)

    xgF8gdCvNAc I cover Yoko Shimomura's Lazy Afternoon again.. Didn't really do much to the arrangement. I'm Cleaning up the track to put on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc... Thoughts?
  4. ROXAS_32

    So Yeah Attending NY Comic Con

    Anyone else attending? #NYCC2015 Here are some of the pics I've been taking. Supposed to Meet Kishismoto Tomorrow so that should be cool... Will post more to album when i get a chance. Also check out @Thereviewpre for more updated pics
  5. ROXAS_32

    "Where's Hiccup" - John Powell (Piano Cover)

    Lt7ECi7TONw So yeah, I have never payed too much attention to Powell's work until now. He did a excellent job with the "How to train your dragon" Soundtrack. I've been listening to more of his work via Spotify and im liking what i'm hearing. Song: Where's Hiccup Composer: John Powell...
  6. ROXAS_32

    Music ► What is your favorite Anime Music Themes?

    Here are some of mine... To name a few...
  7. ROXAS_32

    Assassin's Creed The Americas Collection

    Not sure is this was posted or not... Assassin's Creed: The Americas Collection announced for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. Will go on sale October 28, 2014 Source: http://www.thereviewpre.com/2014/09/assassins-creed-americas-collection.html
  8. ROXAS_32

    April Fools Day is won by Google....

    Seriously this is pretty cool too bad its just a joke because I would pay for this. Nintendo and Google quit playing with my emotions. 4YMD6xELI_k
  9. ROXAS_32

    Happy New Year!!!

    Well slight early but oh well... http://vimeo.com/83004597 I just realized that Vimeo doesn't compress videos as much as YouTube does... but it hard as hell to build a following there... Anyways i Play the traditional New Years Song Auld Lang Syne on piano.. I recorded the Video using my...
  10. ROXAS_32

    Random Google Easter Egg

    Go to Google and type in Atari Breakout and hit Enter. Now Click on Images :cool: or you can just go HERE
  11. ROXAS_32

    66th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Incident's Reporting

    Google Celebrates this with a alien mini game on the main Google Page
  12. ROXAS_32

    Dearly Beloved

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIuTzjAk1BI So i play Dearly Beloved on Piano.... Looking at it now I'm not a huge fan of how it came out but i guess it is all right. Will probably Rerecod it and try to get it to flow a little better. What you guys think?
  13. ROXAS_32

    Lazy Afternoon

    So i Attempted a kingdom Hearts song.... Well it not the first one i did but its the first one i did in years. This is definitely one of my favorite from the series next to "Friends in my heart" and "Fantasia Alla Marcia". Tl0xj2SOJ4M I kinda messed up right before the Repeat but o well...
  14. ROXAS_32

    Explosion at fertilizer plant

    Explosion at fertilizer plant. What next?
  15. ROXAS_32

    Finally got a digital piano

    As you can tell from the title i finally got a new digital piano (its been a few years since i have had one.) Here are some video i have recently recorded using it. they are pretty short but they were more of a test than anything else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rm1ylTnGqY ivgIckLu8Do
  16. ROXAS_32

    Winter is getting ready to Bliz all over the North East

    Monster blizzard set to slam Northeast Ugh figured my day off from school and work would get messed up somehow... I'm not even going to bother shovelling out my car... I'm gonna lay back an play video games and watch Netflix all day lol
  17. ROXAS_32

    The White House Shoots down Death Star Petition

    White House on 'Death Star' petition: No lol This made me laugh...
  18. ROXAS_32

    Children and adults gunned down in Connecticut school massacre

    There just is no end is there.. Mass Shooting at Connecticut Elementary School Seriously what kind of coward would roll in to a elementary school and slaughter children... Clearer info of what happened Gun Control Discussion Thread Here
  19. ROXAS_32

    Well It is Election Day In the US...

    I'll Get to the point... Cast your Vote Obama / Biden | Romney / Ryan Im Voting for Obama / Biden
  20. ROXAS_32

    Hurricane Sandy is haunting the East Coast

    Surprised no one posted about it yet... but it only thing everyone seems to be talking about for the last 48 hours. Sandy's winds could cause up to $3 billion damage, FEMA estimates – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs So far no Rain where i am. it is a bit windy though... My college already...