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    Since Disney JUST bought Marvel...you know creators of Spiderman, Ultraviolet, Superman...etc... I bet that if KH keeps going, we're going to be seeing some super SUPER Heroes... Your thoughts.
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    Future gaming systems

    Does anyone else find it slightly annoying that all 3 new KH games are for different systems? Ones for Mobile Phone Another for PSP And another for DS. I find that annoying, and my Business Teacher said its unfair. XD
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    Boss conclusion in BBS.

    We've all probably seen the video of Terra holding Ven, protecting him from the old man who looks like Xehanort. Well I know a boss thread about BBS has been made, but mine is a little different. For me, I think a boss will be the guy who looks like Xehanort, and his Nobody in the heartless...
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    Xemnas's deplete, and other questions.

    So we found out in the game 358/2 days, we see Organization members "killing" heartless. And the Org XIII said that any heartless slain with the Keyblade releases a heart which goes up, and soon gets added to Xemnas's Kingdom Hearts. And in KH CoM, and KH Re: CoM, when Sora is sleeping, I take...
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    Nobody gender D:

    I dont know where this should go XD But anyway..we all know that people who give into darkness create a nobody? Well..okay so if your a guy you have a guy nobody, and a girl has a girl nobody....what if that person got a sex change? LMAO. What would there nobody be?
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    Xemnas's Kingdom HEARTS

    So why didnt Xemnas keep his GIANT Kingdom Hearts hidden? It was out in the open, im sure he could have hid it somewhere? o - e Or atleast form a barrier around it? And on another note, the Organization just wanted to be whole. Didn't that mean becoming human? If so, why was it such a bad thing?
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    Aquas confusion

    I wanna know things about Aqua. What do you think happened with her and Maleficant's fight? Did she have some sort of connection to Ven? Was she even an important character in BBS? How did she die? So little is known about this girl. What are your thoughts?
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    Do you think KH would have been better?

    Do you think the games would have been better if it didnt have Disney Worlds in it, and made its own ideas, and creations?
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    Saix vs Marluxia.

    Im not sure if this is supposed to be here, but..well yeah. I posted it. So who do you think would win? I say Saix.
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    Driven mad

    For future Kingdom Hearts games. I want to see some NEW drive forms. I want the green one back D: It was going to be included but it was cut out. It was where Sora had a green and silver shield with the tip of the key blade sticking out, and I dont know what it did. But I know it would make...
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    BK! Birth Kingdom XD

    Isnt Kingdom Hearts just great? 8D Every game I mean. Its epic. Its legend. Now I ask you some questions, like Organization XIII. The organization will never stop. If more and more people give their hearts to the darkness. More powerful Nobodies will start to form. Won't they? And now my...