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    kh2 secret ending complete translation

    the keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power. one legend says its wielder saves the world, while another says that he brought chaos and ruin upon it. I must know what this keyblade is. a key opens doors. (ansem report 3) master of the keyblade/memory of xenahort/the lost two/chasers/keybalde...
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    what the...

    in the desert carpet mini game, with the australian version you don't have 2 bats in the beggining and when i tried to beat it after 2 days out of nowhere there were 2 bats in the beggining, whats going on
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    I got an s+10 in ancient highway:D

    and without the crown, i'm still trying to get it
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    how do you get the crown for the gummi ship

    i already got s-rank in every mission
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    i need 1 more thing for 100%

    how do you get 65 in the magic carpet rerun ive got the australian version of the game and it is different from the movie i saw on youtube.
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    i yust wan't to know

    wich battle was harder in kh 1 sephiroth egnimatic man