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    shadow of the colossus

    im not sure if this game has been mentioned but wow. i picked this game up the other day and it is absolutly amazing. its so original. its about this kid who goes to this land where its said that people can have the dead loved ones revived becuase his lover died. and the only way he can get...
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    favorite part character/limit attack

    well if i were to choose my favorite party characters it would be a tie between auron because he was just fricken sweet and riku becuase he was kick ass and there was a neat limit command with him.
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    is com worth it

    while kh2 was in the makings i neglected to play COM. i didnt think it was that important. and i basically know the whole story from top to bottom in it with the organization schemes and diz and namine and both endings. but now that i have beaten kh2 i kinda want to pick up COM. is it worth it?
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    betta ending (maybe some spoilers)

    which ending did u like better. kh1 COM or kh2. i liked kh1s the best because it was the biggest tear jerker.
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    why u guys like kh

    im not sure if this has been posted before but i was just wondering why everyone likes the kh games alot. i persoanlly like the storyline, the disney aspect, and i love the replay value of the game. i can sit there and play through the game over and over again.
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    Simple and Clean or Passion?

    out of the two main songs for kh. Simple and Clean or Sanctuary which one do u like better. personally im a fan of both but if i had to choose one it would be simple and clean
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    kh3 theory

    nomura has stated that the poeple in the kh2 secret move are new characters but i dont think they will be playable characters. he said that the events u see in it happened in the past. i think that movie is just a flashback as khones secret ending was where u see the seen of roxas or riku...
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    ok to update me can everyone tell me all the rumors and stuff u might now about kh3 just so i dont need to go everywhere on these formus tryign to find it.
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    what system

    hey. wen kh3 arrives the ps2 will prolly be something ud find in ur attick. im not sure if square-enix stricktly has ties with sony. do u think it will sell on the 360. ps3 or w/e nintendo is selling.
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    i think i like the magic in kh one alot better then in kh2. i used to so much more then i did in kh2. i especially like the healing much better in khone.
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    which one

    which storyline did u guys like better. not the gameplay just the turnout of the story. kingdom hearts one or kingdom hearts 2 i perosnally liked kingdomhearts one a little bit better story wise
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    what happened to them!?!

    i just beat the game a couple days ago so i might be acting dumb. i went back to that room and they were gone.