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    Just have something to disscus What was up with Axel, it seemed like he had emotions, but he was a nobody, he doesnt have a heart, thuss no emotions. THe scene with him and kairi at the beach I can understand, as axel was pretending to have a heart so he could trick kairi. but the scene with...
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    KH3 concept video

    where can I download a good version of the concept video from KH2? I already tried multiple googlings , but no result, I know about youtube and googlevideo, but I realy want to download it. thx in advance
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    Environmental Interactivity.

    Did anyone of you guys noticed how the map design was ,compaired to KH1, very bad, Ill mention why. - No climbing actions , unlike KH1 you cant climb , vines, poles, ropes. - Treasure chest were hardly hidden and also easy accesable, to easy, in KH1 I would have to return to multiple worlds to...
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    the first scene???

    In the first scene we have the famous 'he looks alot like you' scene, I know that 1 is Roxas, but who is the other, I cant quite put my finger on it. also, isnt that scene inside Kingdom hearts, if so, then xenmas would have had acces to KH earlier
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    struggle, help

    Im just infront of Xemnas, well actualy I already beat him, but now im after the concept video of ( a potential) KH3 Im doing all the minigames world by world, and I cant continue on with the struggle, I can only fight against Hayner. the promoter keeps saying I dont have enough experiance...
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    OST Qeustion

    im looking for the name of the song you hear during the battles in Twilight Town. the one that was also used in the KH: COM OSt for the Twilight town battle beat, thx in advance
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    Plz read if you have Chrono Trigger music

    does anyone have Chrono Trigger (Orchestrated) MP3s the Orchestrated ones have better quality and are replayed with an Orchest-soundbank. ( NOTE: they arnt midi's ) I would realy appriciate it if someone would send or upload some for me , I am still searching for most of them, I tried...
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    LIMIT Gauge

    in the new trailer it shows a Limit gauge in the upper right corner, during most scenes, battle scenes ofcourse check 1 min 46 sec, since I cant make screenshots what the hell is it?
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    Nomura running out of inspiration

    Whats up with Axel being Reno. I mean they both have red hair, they have the same dude vioce casting him they have the similair spikey hair, altho reno's is shorter. and they both have a red mark under they'r eye. and the same hair color also TN has used the same battle scene in AC aswell as...
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    What happened to .....

    What happened to Glowing Eye unknown, what happened to the Sitting unknown. I Know DD was very early and had many concepts. but its kind of shitty if DD had nothing to do with KH2, its like Nomura didnt had a clue what he was working on.
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    No way its hallow bastion

    k we all know this image ( wanted to get a higher quality image) anyway, everyone says the castle in the back is hallow bastion, but if you just looked and thought , you will see it isnt HB but when you look at a picture of HB, you see that it has 1 tower that reaches a high point and the...
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    tell me one thing

    This is a question Im asking all the Japanese/chinese dudes. since the new TGS trailer is in Japanese or CHinses( dont realy know). did any of the voices sound like characters from KH1, like did Diz have the same voice as Ansem, because this could be a good way to learn more, also was there...
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    Axel - DiZ thread

    so I was reading this on some website this is a part of an text about Axel well what I wanted to disscuss is: What could be the reason Axel is so "hostile" towards DiZ, and also what could be axels grand story that could make us cry. lets put our toughts together, and try to find out more...
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    The KH forum game

    The KH forum game Its a populair game on forums, dont know if its gonna be populair on KHI. oke let me explain the game. I start with a word from KH/KH CoM/KH2 , for example : Sora. then the next one who posts must say a new KH/KH2/KH CoM related word, that starts with the last letter of...
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    Wouldnt it be COOL if

    Wouldnt it be cool if there was a Chrono Trigger world in KH2. I mean I know its though to make, coming up for a name of crono's world is hard since its just named earth. but CT and KH are my fav games, and seeing Crono and sora fight side by side makes my life complete. sora could bump...
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    Hey, how you doing. I have been visiting this site for so long, I have read every thing on this site, and so I decided to finaly join the forums. My real name is Tim. I am 16, live in holland, have a major obbsession with Kingdom hearts. I spend most my time drawing and coloring. some of my...