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    Impenetrable walls

    the walls and the heartless CANNOT COEXIST. when the heartless appear in the other worlds the walls break down or the walls are broken down by the heartless. the heartless break the walls which allows interworld travel.
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    Why do you need an item to lock the keyholes this time?

    ...i really hate objecting. but for clarity's sake. the keyholes when locked will be unlocked when the universe brings back the barriers dividing the worlds. how do i know? there were past keyblade masters (from the legend by Kairi's grandmother) meaning that the worlds possess only ONE keyhole...
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    Final Form OBTAINED in Halloween Town *VID*

    you cannot go past level 5 on wisdom and valor if you haven't obtained valor or wisdom. so Xachrisint isn't wrong in terms of basis, he must have been too hasty to generalize. and it's not a theory, it's called a "phenomenon", his statement is based on an experience NOT a hypothesis, try to...
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    Discuss the XIII Order's Objective

    can i first start by saying you stole my name. i posted "Xachrisint" in "what your organization name?". well, it's either that or you happen to be Christian. likely both. now to your theory... I was more interested in the whole Sora and Roxas issue. I have beaten the game already in japanese of...
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    Ansem and Sora coincidences?

    call me Xachrisint if that is the case.
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    **Spoiler?!?!** New Heartless?

    I didn't know that there are threads that are specific for violently criticizing the thread master... guess i'm a n00b when it comes to "Flaming".
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    Favorite order members?*SPOILERS*

    Axel coz he's the most... real... he befriends, gets jealous, gets too relaxed, tries to show-off, prides up then humbles down... and his feelings seemed so... real to me... i'm not into their cool weapons or hairdo... i'm looking for a "real" character with more than one layer of emotions...
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    Rinoa is not present in the game but...SPOILERS

    let's face it... MyInnerFred is relentless and will keep coming up with sensical comebacks because she is speaking on the realms of a POSSIBILITY. everyone can try to prove it disprove it but the truth still remains... it is a possibility.
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    actually the first pic you saw was real... it's in YourTube, you can check out the VIDEO... don't have a link though... sorry
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    Rinoa is not present in the game but...SPOILERS

    please scrutinize the picture clearly... it is the same insignia on Squall's back which are actually Rinoa's insignia (wings). only difference with Squall's "wings" and Rinoa's "wings" is that Squall's wings are spread while Rinoa's is folded. so i'm leaning towards the one who posted this thread...
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    Theory: Roxas' Necklace

    try to compare Roxas' necklace to the crosses on the weapons of all the org members and the symbol on the "white heartless".
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    Glowing eyed unknown?*no ending spoilers please*

    this is what i'm pretty confident in... the glowing eyed...uhh...dude... is Roxas. the org members get younger the bigger their numbers are so Roxas being in the org is a BIG possibility (i bet he is). now compare the heights of the Glowing eyed unknown and the one sitting down, they are about...
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    Cloud's Side Story(Theory, but may be true.)

    as you can tell by my avatar i'm an ardent Squall admirer but i think in terms of story's they will concentrate on Cloud rather than Squall. not that i think he's cooler, but Cloud's conflicts involve Sephiroth and (probably) aerith. Cloud's got the whole dark and stern thing going on... as for...
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    Sephiroth in KHII: Confirmed, Videos

    Cloud age (FFVII) 21, (KH) 22, (KH2) 23. Squall (FFVIII) 17, (KH) 25, (KH2) 26. Lance Bass has done many voice-overs for disney and other projects in the past and is actually a professional voice actor aside from being in NSYNC. He has credentials, talent, and a NAME. you see how hard disney...
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    KH2 commercial!

    can somebody please do me a favor? could anyone go to the commercial and pause the scene right before sephiroth and cloud attack each other and actually confirm to me that sephiroth has LEGS... I accidentally paused it at that very moment and all i saw below sephiroth's waist were a black wings...
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    Summons more important this time round?

    I just watched the trailer again and it seems that these "preview" summons are all in one place without the health gauges and status indicators, maybe there IS a part in the story where all the summons are being portrayed as acting individually alongside the story with sora. they are all in the...
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    Hercules vs Auron...?!?

    I admire your capacity to wonder! wonder (philosophical) is questioning beyond the obvious. "let the question take you places" i always say... so don't give up on your speculations you may never know, one day when we get we all get the game you may suprise us all.
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    Summons more important this time round?

    hmm... i'm probably wrong (again...) but do you think it could just be one of those summon opening scenes? well, then again we do see Stitch actually firing at targets, maybe it could be a "freeze" wherein you can use him for an amount of time and it's a close-up shot because stitch is...
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    Hercules vs Auron...?!?

    I'm more inclined to say that Auron was hired or is under the control (not possessed, ordered) of Hades. Auron is supposed to be dead andHades rules the dead (underworld actually, the "dead" thing is more of an approximation.) but i believe it to be much similar to cloud's predicament.
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    What the Two new forms do (Rumors)

    pink Sora outfit?... i would actually enjoy that spectacle alot.