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  1. Taidow

    [SPOILER] Let me know if I got this right about MoM. (Speculation)

    MoM created the division within his apprentices himself, that much is true. Now what i was wondering is, why? He has powers to see into the future thus why he created the Book of Prophecies. My speculation is that, could his powers have been limited to the point of the destruction of the...
  2. Taidow

    How exactly will he save them?

    I'm sorry if I posted this int he wrong section. We know that Sora has people to save them from their suffering. 1. Naminé 2. Roxas 3. Xion 4. Axel 5. Terra 6. Ventus 7. Aqua - 8. Ansem the Wise 0. Eraqus How exactly do you think he will save them? Naminé Location: Inside Kairi Suffering...
  3. Taidow

    What are your Top 10 CGI cutscenes?

    The List 1. Opening 2. Meet Xion 3. The Dark Margin 4. The Main in Black Reflects 5. Xion's Defeat 6. Naminé and DiZ 7. Why the Sun sets Red 8. Snarl of Memories 9. Riku Takes Care of Zion 10. Roxas Passes By 11. Xion's Dream 12. Xion's Capture 13. Axel and Saïx 14. Xion and Riku 15. Riku's...
  4. Taidow

    Coded: Possible Wiiware game?

    Well Final Fanstasy IV: The After Years got ported from mobile phone to WiiWare...so couldn't Coded get that treatment also? They are both Square Enix.