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    What meaning is BHK can you tell me ? pls realy can play Sora and BHK? pls tell me wat meaning is BHK
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    In KH 2

    wat is bet? Closed
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    In KH 2

    i am just asking no need say me until like this so can we play RIku's story?
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    In KH 2

    Can we play Riku's story in KH2? i hope we can play if some one know pls tell meeeeee
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    i am neww of hearthless my name is Nakamura Taiki. I am from Malaysia. I came this webside for just two days, nice to meet you all !!! I love play Kingdom Hearts very much i vefyvery love it it's my favourite game in my all games i love it !! But if at Kingdom Hearts 2 i hope if we finish...
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    Disney Land still got?

    In KH ended thn the disney land still got or not? in KH 2 we can go to the disney land? i hope can pls...
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    Need help

    I had finish all bosses in the Ansem there all monster also killed and i also saw the movie already and the songs and i wait alot of things but after all cant save already thn how???? It just wrote The End i think so
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    Ask somethings

    Err after finish Kingdom Hearts thn wait the movie and after all credits and all things finish will it let us play again? or just down wrote The End i think so.
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    err.. see pls

    huh oo is that english out first? last last last question pols
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    err.. see pls

    Eh i mean is English or Japenese out first?
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    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    Riku is bad dont know why u all like only his power strong but i dont like him bad Not good. I love Sora,Donald,Goofy and the others kind hearts ppl KINGDOM HEARTS @2
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    Got other games like Kingdom hearts 2 want got? ma? pls
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    err.. see pls

    If the Kingdom hearts game release already it will be Japen or English? I am from Malaysia i am malaysian
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    I saw there write the Release date is in Q4 2005 in gamespot.com Any way bye i need to go sleep already because my malaysia time is veryvery lateeeeeeeeeee
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    it will write at where??
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    sry what is TGS 2005?
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    Did u mean all ppl also dont know when will the Kingdom Hearts 2 Out?
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    When will Kingdom Hearts 2 game out and i am from malaysia i am Malaysian pls tell me when