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    Higher quality BBS pics

    Didnt see them posted in the main page or here..so here they are ^^ If they were posted in this quality let the thread sink in the dark depths of khinsider! Its the famitsu scans.. :) Gamekyo : Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep better pics ! source:famitsu
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    Kingdom Hearts Retrospective

    Kingdom Hearts 2 II 3 KH Coded, Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days - Kingdom Hearts Insider "The website for "GameTrailers" that's known for compiling video retrospective on the Final Fantasy Series, decided to branch off a bit and take a look back at the Kingdom Hearts Series thus far." YouTube -...
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    Xehanorts Memories-Sora/Roxas able to wield 2 keyblades?

    from Another report's secret report VII - In KH, at the same time Sora became a heartless Roxas was born and entered the Organization. So if that's the case, at that point in time at Castle Oblivion, Sora used a keyblade while at the same time, Roxas would have been using a keyblade. Was this...
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    Nomura talks about his new project

    April 2 - With Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Re: Chain of Memories at last out in Japan, Tetsuya Nomura and crew can now devote all their energy to their next project. And that appears to be another Kingdom Hearts game, or at least another tie-up with Disney. But is it Kingdom Hearts III...
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    Roxas-like knight's keyblade has a place for a keychain

    I dont know if anyone has noticed but Roxas-like knight's keyblade has a place for a keychain unlike the other chainless keyblades.. -> Look the vid for more detailed view. Also, a part of his keyblade looks like Kingdom Key,most likely a coincidence (since KK is already there and the...
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    Another Report + Complete Box Images

    Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer + http://usera.imagecave.com/FadeAway/ source: Kh-2.net :D
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    G-maga's cover (small)

    i hope we get that in a larger size and HQ! :D source:kh-2.net
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    KHIIFM+ Menu

    Source : kh-2.net, Nice :D
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    KHIIFM+ Commercial

    Here it is! :D There is some Knight footage on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8D :D The 3 knights and 2 new people! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bayodrszldc source:kh-2.net
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    Limited edition package?

    A game writer gave out his play impressions of FM+ on Playstation.com's site. "Idiot, it's too strong! It's as if (laughs), I'm feeling noncommittal, though, the report of bare feelings were expected. He (Nomura) enhanced the game so much. The price for the game is approximately 1 main part...
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    Trailer coming?+Info

    Prom Vid: It was said that the Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix: Promotional Video showed up at a shop, some point this week. The Promotional Video is scheduled to come out in Tokyo tomorrow. source:kh-2.net <-- Axel and Roxas scene: Roxas (with seasalt ice cream) walks out to the ledge...
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    Zexion's eyes

    Is it me or Zexion's eyes are different.His right eye seems brighter..it could be the scans colours though..but it seems they are different.Dont know,i thought to report it anyway!
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    Info about KHIII's "home" ..

    from kh-2.net According to an interview with Square Enix's senior VP Michihiro Sasaki, Square-Enix just might not put the successor to Kingdom Hearts on a Sony console. This is pure speculation at the moment, but it would seem Square-Enix doesn't have full confidence in the PS3 as they did for...
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    Larger KHII:FM/KHCoM remix Scans!! :D

    Yay!! :D From kh-2.net http://www.kh-2.net/image.php?image=news/data/upimages/bigvjump1.jpg http://www.kh-2.net/image.php?image=news/data/upimages/bigvjump1-2.jpg http://www.kh-2.net/image.php?image=news/data/upimages/bigvjump2.jpg Source: Yuukihikari's LJ Special thanks...
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    Thumbnail downloader?

    Im tired of clicking in every thumbnail to get pictures..so i need a good picture /thumbnail downloader.......i have tried some but most of them didnt download the full picture behind the thumbnail.... ;_; Help anyone? :)
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    About Demyx

    I beat Demyx an hour ago......He was the EASIEST battle i ever had in KH/KHCOM/KHII.I beat him in 7 secs ..Jesus Christ....:( What was S-Enix thinking ??They made an Organization battle look like nothing .Pete was harder:mad: >_< Dont you think that they should make Demyx more powrfull and to...
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    KHII Official Screensaver

    Can someone post a link where i can download the Official screensaver?I didnt find it in the official site:(
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    Twilight Town MP3

    I was wondering if anyone has Twilight Town's music {(KHII edition not CoM (pure GBA quality)} ,in MP3.Im referring to the battle theme not the one you hear by just walking in TT.If anyone has one of them or both please gimme a link.Thanx :)
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    Does anyone have ..

    Hey,I was just wondering if anyone has the poster with the cast(the second one) in HQ and big resolution,cause i cant find it in HQ and i read somewhre that we are gonna have it:confused: .If sb have seen it please post or gimme a link:)
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    Has anyone....

    Has anyone the pic of Sora in Valor form in Big Resolution and quality because i dont have it:( .I have the one in his normal clothes and the wisdom but i have the Valor in small resolution.If you do ,please post it or give my a link.thanx