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    Official Kingdom hearts 2 GAME SHARK codes

    true.. here they are. Mastercode May 22, 2006 7603E680 00000000 9835F365 78C23EEF Infinite: Health May 22, 2006 76001020 00000000 2816ED40 FBB97A6F 2816EDD8 A1C96462 2816EDED 6DB97A65 280CD8E5 78426965 Health (Gummi Ship) May 22, 2006 76012100 00000000 E818CDED 02E686F1 29E8FFED FB1B7AF1...
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    Paradox cup mission help (spoilers...i guess)

    Um.. currently i'm in the paradox cup missions and stuff. And the problem is... how do i earn a high score? Yeah i know the summon way, but i can't use summons in the cereberus cup. And everytime i play matches i always end the whole cup with 1104 points. Besides from just beating the...
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    Poster Duty, and Struggle Help.

    Well i hope this doesn't make anyone mad... For the Poster duty, I need help or a good strategy on completing it within 30 secs, so can anyone help me with this? thanx. For the Struggle compitition, i can seem to fight the next person. The guy keeps saying i don't have enough experience...
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    Pre-ordering KH2...?

    My question is, this game isn't normally going to be sold at a standard one disk game price obviously, so what if you pre-order the game from a store or online and they sell it for a higher price when the store or online store actually gets the game. Does that mean you have give them around 10...
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    sora's look in steamboat wille

    Naniiiiii! The way sora looks in the Steamboat Wille is just a little too weird..... The picture is in the Khinsider.com site. (mag scan) But everyone looks like old style cartooning, even sora. Anyone agree? (i know that was the point of that world though.)