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  1. Xblade13

    Activision/Blizzard Lawsuit

    Not sure if I should post this here or in the politics section, but I didn't see any discussion about it. Activision/Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit from the state of California for various reasons, among them sexual harassment and discrimination. This comes after a two year...
  2. Xblade13

    The original Kingdom Hearts trailer and the ending of KH3

    Ok, so this might be a bit of a long shot, but I think it would be interesting to discuss. I watched the original PS2 trailer for Kingdom Hearts, which I presumed to be the announcement trailer for the game. It was a nice bit of nostalgia, and shows a few things cut from the original game such...
  3. Xblade13

    Are the Mobile ports worth buying?

    I am really wanting to finally get around to playing all of the Final Fantasy games, as I've only played VI (love it, would like to replay it) VII (can't remember as much as I should), a little bit of IX, XIV and XV. I can easily purchase VII, VIII, IX, X/X-2, and XII on my Switch, but the main...
  4. Xblade13

    Xbox Series X

    So at tonight's Game Awards they announced and showed the official name and visual design of the next major Xbox console, the Xbox Series X. Not much else was shown specs-wise, but it was announced alongside the reveal of Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga, which is now an Xbox exclusive. Holiday 2020...
  5. Xblade13

    TV ► Hazbin Hotel

    I'm surprised those of us who enjoy cartoons and animation haven't at least mentioned this. Considering the adult themes of the show, I probably won't link the YouTube trailer or anything (don't know the rules around here about profanity or the like), but I've gotta say I'm impressed with how...
  6. Xblade13

    Finally got the Platinum Trophy

    It only took FOREVER. Grinding all the stupid Command Board minigames, all the racetracks and Mirage Arena crap. For all. Three. Characters. But with the epic third and final defeat of Unknown as Aqua, I finally got everything. Now I just need to play through DDD in the next week before 3 comes...
  7. Xblade13

    DiZ/Ansem the Wise is a hypocrite

    So I was beginning KH2 when I noticed pretty early on that DiZ knew all along that Nobodies had hearts. It was in the scene immediately after Roxas talks telepathically with Kairi. DiZ mentions that "Roxas meeting Naminé put his heart in contact with Kairi's." "...His heart..." Either this...
  8. Xblade13

    It's been a while

    It truly has been a bit since I was last this active here. How is everyone doing? It feels kinda like a welcome back party for me. The place seems a bit different from when I left though.
  9. Xblade13

    What Would Have Happened if KH2 Had Been Subtitled Instead

    This is something I've been thinking of for a minute now, and I've posted it a few times now. But I figured, I'd just discuss it in it's own thread. What if Kingdom Hearts II had a different title way back when? Like, a subtitle instead of a big number 2. The way I see it is, people would've...
  10. Xblade13

    Something I Just Now Noticed

    So, I was literally beginning my Kingdom Hearts marathon leading up to III. I'm currently in the Station of Awakening at the start of the first game, at the part when you have to complete the objectives to open the door. I was about to open it when I noticed the symbols carved into it. Can't...
  11. Xblade13

    Don't Think Twice is NOT the Opening Theme

    I know everyone is obsessing over the gameplay info, Aqua battle implications, and the various cutscenes that were shown at TGS, but I haven't seen anyone discussing this. It turns out that Don't Think Twice, the Utada song we've been listening to in all these trailers... Is ONLY the ending...
  12. Xblade13

    An Easy Way for Sora and Co. to Win

    This is actually something I've been thinking about for a while. Yeah, we are obviously going to physically fight Xehanort somehow, but I imagine that things aren't going to go so well against the Thirteen Darknesses. Xehanort can practically see all outcomes and he has pretty much been present...
  13. Xblade13

    Atari - The Ataribox Announced at E3 2017

    https://www.polygon.com/e3/2017/6/16/15821856/atari-ataribox-new-console Well. I wasn't expecting this. No info on whether or not it is a flashback console like Nes Classic, or brand new. It is using PC tech though.
  14. Xblade13

    Been a while...

    Hey everyone (at least, whoever remembers me, lol). It's been a good while since I last hung out here, and a lot of stuff has happened, good and bad, as of late. Now that a bit of the dust has settled I can be on here a bit more again. Here's hoping I can find something to get into again. XD
  15. Xblade13

    Pooh World Return? A Theory Concerning the Book

    Hey guys, playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5. After watching Re:coded and playing into 2 Final Mix I saw a scene that made me raise an eyebrow and wonder about this idea. Now hear me out. For those of you who may need a refresher, in Kingdom Hearts 1 there was a book that, within its pages...
  16. Xblade13

    Theory: Emblem Heartless - The Legion of Xehanort

    Alright, so I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and then I began to think. In KH2, Xemnas was using Sora's Keyblade to gather up hearts released from Emblem Heartless, and assimilate them into a "Kingdom Hearts". Which, in Dream Drop Distance was revealed to be able to implant the Org...
  17. Xblade13

    ~The Kagayaki Appreciation Club~

    For my sweetheart, this is an early Christmas present ^-^ A place for us and our pals to chat and hang out like we used to. Complete with a fireplace perfect for drinking hot chocolate around. :) Anybody is welcome to stop on by and say hello, as long as you're nice and not trolling. Happy...
  18. Xblade13

    My thoughts on the trailer

    So, Another E3 and another KH3 trailer! And from what I see across the internet, people are somehow very disappointed in it, which upsets and confuses me. From what I've seen I'm extremely happy. A lot of people seem to be somehow upset at the graphics, even though there's still about a year or...
  19. Xblade13

    Oculus Rift (And General VR Gaming Stuff)

    I didn't see any threads on this, so... So, Oculus is having a big presentation today, and getting a bunch of stuff announced. Even Square Enix is going to support the Oculus Rift, as well as Harmonix and several others. Microsft is also announcing a partnership, and Insomniac is making a...
  20. Xblade13

    TV ► Powerpuff Girls (Reboot)

    Cartoon Network Unveils First Look at New Powerpuff Girls Series - IGN So I was a little bit excited for this, but then... Former Powerpuff Girls Voice Actress Calls Being Replaced ‘a Stab in the Heart’ - IGN