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  1. Tails_Night

    I'm back baby

    So I'm back... from outer space. I just dream dropped in here to see the looks upon your face. I should have sealed up that keyhole. I shoulda made you leave your key...blade. But now you see I've returned to be with thee... anyway, hey guys tails is back... again, again, again... again. It's...
  2. Tails_Night

    [THEORY] The Xehanort-sora connection

    You know I just started wondering, if vanitas lingers inside of Xehanort... doesn't that mean Xehanort might have some slight influence over Sora, being ven's inside Sora?
  3. Tails_Night


    You know after watching footage at first I got excited then I remembered... this is the realm of sleep, or the land of dreams. So I kind of wonder if he's there because someone's dreaming about him... or if he'll actually return.
  4. Tails_Night

    Some help with the final three keyblades and avatar stuff

    Fistly how do I get the final three keyblades after oathkeeper? Secondly are these the same avatars used in mobile or just for fun? Do they serve any purpose? Lastly how many pieces can you collect without tag mode? Otherwise how can one collect all the pieces solo?
  5. Tails_Night

    Does anyone else here like floatin islands or landmasses?

    Welll I guess I first noticed my like for the idea of floating landmasses with the floating continent in Final Fantasy VI. Then I absolutely fell in love with the kingdom of zeal. Later on discovering angel island. I'm noticing more and more these days videogames are picking up floating...
  6. Tails_Night

    Does anyone feel like some of the older series are dying out?

    I've been gaming for years but ti seems like slowly, some of the classic series seem to be dying out and new ones popping up in their places. But does anyone else notice that even some of the revival attempts seem to just spell doom for someof those series? and I'm not talking about classic...
  7. Tails_Night

    the new Heart emblem and its related enemy

    So I notice the new emblem on the 3ds site I realize this is old news, but it hit me, does this mean there's a new enemy or is this like a symbol of sorts attached to the sombodies who've been made whole but it's a sign that they were once divided. That being said my mind wondered onto the...
  8. Tails_Night

    Help/Support ► Is Disdain towards some humans natural?

    I post this with the simple yet complex question of is it natural to dislike numerous actions commited by groups of people. Like when it gets to the point where your sick of people destroying things for senseless need to expand their empires, or people killing animals and destroying nature just...
  9. Tails_Night

    The Keyblade War as an MMORPG

    You know I got to thinking how the keyblade war was some sort of big partt of bbs. then it hit me, it would make a perfect kingdom hearts based mmorpg, with the option of being a keyblade weilder of dakrness or light, or even a keyblade of peoples hearts(like an arena reward for beating so many...
  10. Tails_Night

    Are there any other Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) Fans on here?

    Just curious if I was the only Nippon ichi fan here, or if there were others? Also whats your favorite games by them and whatnot.
  11. Tails_Night

    Anyone played Tron yet?

    well I've basically hit a stillpoint in my videogame world. I don't know what it is, wether I grew bored of the constant grinding, or maybe the repetitive "climb to the top of the hundred floor tower" scenario, or maybe I just haven't found a game to remind me why I love gaming so much. I saw...
  12. Tails_Night

    spoiler ish random thought

    So it hit me, nomura stated we are nearing the end of kh's xehanort arc. But then I kinda wondered what if somehow sora became the badguy? Like MX's heart merged with sora's and made his ever desired X-blade, right after sora saved what remained of terra or whatnot? (it's my personal theory...
  13. Tails_Night

    In need of some direction for a new psn game-either action, opg, or Action Rpg

    So My last topper for my bday was a PSN cash card, and I'm debating what to get I'm looking at all sorts of games, but I'm between my Rpg and action modes(My game preference switches between the two one month I'll want raw action, next month I might want solid rpg). And at the same time, I'm...
  14. Tails_Night

    My curiosities about The Divine Comdey's Influance in Videogaming

    So I was out present shopping for my brithday, seeing as the family decided to give me a Gamestop card with some green on it for my present, I had bought 2 games to refresh my PSP's action pool, one being Dantes Inferno, the other was a close tie between sid meiers pirates and this seeminglingy...
  15. Tails_Night

    When is it assault?

    OKay well I was just slapt by my stepmom after she started yelling at me for being an evil little shit, and many many things, after I got out of a bath, without any previous cvonflicts, and I'm wondering, since about three minuts ago she slapt me across my head above the ear is that assault or...
  16. Tails_Night

    List your BBS screw ups, or moments of pure blank mindedness.

    Well I thought about this thread the other day but realized tonight was better for posting it. We all screw up, sometimes big time, sometimes little small ones, I'm curious about everyones screw ups. Like for instance I started terra's playthrough, and did pretty well until I hit one room when...
  17. Tails_Night

    Dissidias UNlockable tracks... have a list?

    OKay I recently found out one of my absolute Final Fantasy favorite tracks were on dissidia, and this actually made me want to go and buy the game finally, The Man with the Machine Gun. Now I'm wondering what other unlockable tracks there are and if they're usable mid gameplay... if so I think I...
  18. Tails_Night

    If you could play as Vanitas would you?

    Firtsly, I posted this here since well it'll probably be spoiler heavy. I was just wondering if you could play as Vanitas would you? Like story-wise or even just mirage arena? Personally I would have loved to play something akin to reverse/rebirth, I don't mean like go around and spam unversed...
  19. Tails_Night

    Whats a good... or your strategy against prize pods?

    I've been playing for a bit now, and out of the groups of prize pods I've fought and attacked only killed about a total of ten. Now I'm seeking better ways to ensnair and destroy the purple pains. I tend to use/spam Magnera, poison, and thundaga, then shotlock with a multipl target shot that...
  20. Tails_Night

    I played and beat CoM throroughly back when it was out, aside from 3d graphics does RE change much?

    I 'm just wondering if this game is really worth getting, I haven't played COM in a while, but I remember there being cards for each keyblade, spell, and item, sleights, many various room designs, for both the card used and the world, and such, and how could I forget what got me hooked on riku...