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  1. SiiNz


    Well, due to what I found out today. I realized that throughout January and half of February I will be inactive to the forums. Can't say why, all I can say is that its because of personal reasons. I will, however try my best to visit the site, here and there. o.o Bai.
  2. SiiNz


    Well, I can't get into the chat D: It says I have the wrong password. When I don't. But, just to make sure, I logged out of KHI; then I logged in with my password, it worked. When I tried it for the chat, it keeps telling me its the wrong password.
  3. SiiNz

    Official Dragonball Discussion

    Dragonball imo was the best anime show. I always used to watch it as a kid:thumbup: Sad it ended in GT, but they ended the series good. So as a tribute, I decided to make a thread about it. Talk about anything related to Dragonball. Your favorite character, episode, etc. as for me. My...
  4. SiiNz


    Well, knowing on how 9/11 is tomorow. I was wondering if anyone lost a family member that day? Or if they remember what they were doing at that exact moment they heard/saw the towers get hit. I lost my uncle in the tower. He was in the NT the 10th floor. Let the chat begin..