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  1. Retro

    Is the only way you can change who you play with by adding party members?

    I've been playing for a few days, and the first day I played, when I would go to the raid boss thing, there were like bunches of people attacking. However, for the past couple of days, it's only been me and 2 other people, who aren't even doing anything EDIT: NVM joined one. A random one...
  2. Retro

    Was Hillboy banned permanently?

    Not asking why, but I was gone for a while, and I come back and he's gone *sniff* Just wondering
  3. Retro

    Before I go ahead and buy a 3DS..

    Do any of you guys think the original 3DS' price will drop even more with the release of the XL version?
  4. Retro

    I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate how good I have it :P

    Like, I just have a great life in general, and I think more people should appreciate their own lives more. Don't take stuff for granted, y'know? My job, for instance. I'm an entrance monitor at a college rec center. All I do is swipe cards. That means, after the initial rush of people during...
  5. Retro

    Film ► Battle Royale

    WOW. Okay, I was bored, tired of re-playing KH, and tired of playing DJ Hero 2 and CoD, so I chose to watch a movie. I didn't feel like watching a comedy or anything, because I was too tired to laugh, lol. Anyways, I thought watching a dark movie, both in content and actual scenery, would help...
  6. Retro

    Hello again?

    Lol, I don't remember if I had account here or not. I remembered using a KH forum a couple years ago that was really nice, so I just googled 'KH forums', and clicked on the first thing that came up. I tried every username/password combination I could think of, and none of them worked, so idk. If...