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    help on CD scratch

    I have some light scratches on my FFVIII disc that i want to remove, i've already read MegaFlare's thread but i'm still a bit sceptical. So, if i repair it with toothpaste or candle wax, i can just put it in my PS2 without damaging it?
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    Fanfiction ► The reality of nothing

    I would like to thank Cloud_Unchained that he could squeeze my first chap in his spare time, good luck with the finals C_U! ------------- Chapter one: The awakening You may think that you’re happy being here, but I know better. We think we’re so great that we kill living animals and call it...
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    War games dangerous?

    Two weeks ago, a boy in Antwerpen shot three people. A woman, a pregnant babysitter and a 2 year old child were killed. The boy was a skinhead and the babysitter and the kid were Turkish. A week ago they said that the boy was very kind and popular, but that he played a lot of war games. This is...
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    Hironubu was the guy that wrote the stories from the very first FF till the tenth. i am a big fan of his stories and i would like to know what happened to him.
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    NSTC and PAL?

    everyone knows America gets games before Europe and Australia, but as far as i can think of, the only reason for this delay is that Americans has NSTC and Europe and Australia has PAL. i was wondering about this, but i couldn't really see any reasons why they shouldn't merge.
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    Fanfiction ► my first fan fic

    ok this is my first fan fic, and it probably will have some spelling errors since i'm still learning the language. also, i hate using things like he said, and then she said, so i used colours to represent the characters, tell me if you like this technique or not. the first chapter is a bit short...
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    i don't really know where to put this, so please don't flame me. i got a question about Chip and Dale (and this may bea stupid one) what are they? i think they're a kind of squirrels, but i can't think of the name. please answer fast cause i need it for a fan fic i'm writing and the first...
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    i was browsing trough some of my fav websites, and i saw this http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/306614 it's a flash collab made with the music of passion it takes a while to load, but it's worth it, at least i think so.
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    For the people who have KH2

    Please keep in mind that Europe and Australia still haven't got KH2, and i've seen some spoilers out of the spoiler forum and boxes. so please, put the spoilers in boxes spoiler threads in the spoilerforum. P.S.: srry for spelling errors, i'm still learning
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    Question about LE guide

    When KH2 is coming out in Europe, is the LE guide also available in the local stores or only in america and japan?