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  1. Bobjam

    A Look Back at E3 2016

    A piece I made to look back at this year's E3 press conferences ^^ let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk-KNUPOf00
  2. Bobjam

    Square Enix Visual Works

    I made another edit recently. Just a small one celebrating some of my favourite things visual works have done for SE over the years ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLLXUiLGQmI
  3. Bobjam

    E3 2015 Conferences re-cap

    I recently made for fun a re-cap of the xbox and playstation conferences at this years e3. Both were decent conferences in their own ways so check it out and let me know what you think ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqrwu9o5DmY
  4. Bobjam

    Tetsuya Nomura and his 'branding'

    So I have been wondering recently having seen his name so many times in press releases, pre-order pages, trailers and so on - what is the deal behind his name in bold being in these things? Is this something that Nomura himself worked out with Square or is this Square trying to sell the product...
  5. Bobjam

    Tetsuya Nomura to Attend The Game Awards Friday 5th

    Twitch Interestingly, Geoff Keighly, the host of the game awards open explained that Tetsuya Nomura will be attending the game awards at around 55.50 on the link. Now whether or not he is a part of them or not is another thing but the fact of the matter is even if he is only attending that...
  6. Bobjam

    Tron: Legacy Extended Story Trailer

    This is a new trailer I made to the film Tron: Legacy. This is the second one I have done so far so check it out and see what you think and give a thumbs up if you like ^^ thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ3PRHCQITA
  7. Bobjam

    Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete Trailer

    This is a fan made trailer that I made a few days ago just to have a look into editing and this is the first time I have done this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XKw5vXeHXk Hope you enjoy!
  8. Bobjam

    JPN PS4 Promotional KH3 Trailer

    『KINGDOM HEARTS III 』 PS4™ NEW TITLE TRAILER - YouTube Not a new trailer but just the E3 trailer being dubbed in Japanese is a sign they are at least trying some early promoting for the game ahead of the 22nd of February release ^^. I am actually excited for how the release goes over...
  9. Bobjam

    A Release Date Question

    So some of us believe that KH3 has a possibility of coming out late 2015 in Japan for example whilst others say that 2016 is far more likely. One thing I want to know guys, if anyone can answer, is firstly for the main console games so far (KH and KH2) - when were their release dates...
  10. Bobjam

    Jump Festa Speculation Time!

    So guys now that the the D23 event has come and gone we now have Jump Festa this December to talk about and look forward to. What do you think is going to be revealed or shown? I don't think we will get anymore than what we got at this event (a small 'peak into' trailer) but who knows, we could...
  11. Bobjam

    Film ► Interstellar - Christopher Nolan's next project

    So it seems this will be Chris Nolan's next big project. Really looking forward to seeing his take on a sci-epic =D. What do you guys think? Christopher Nolan Goes Interstellar | Movie News | Empire
  12. Bobjam

    Music ► Cirque Du Soleil - "Circus of the Sun"

    I don't know whether a thread is already going on this but couldn't find one as far as a know + Didn't really know which prefix to put this in since its sorta circus/arts/music etc... But anyway recently saw the new production of Totem in London a few weeks ago and have been listening to the...
  13. Bobjam

    Why did Terra instantly connect with Riku?

    Just been doing a second playthrough on proud and got to the bit where Terra comes to Destiny Islands. It seems as though as Riku and Sora run past him Terra without even considering a look at Sora suddenly believes Riku may have been the reason he came to Island...which I don't quite get. I...
  14. Bobjam

    Film ► RIP TRON 3 - Tron moving forward with Jared Leto

    'Tron 3' is a done deal, says Bruce Boxleitner - Movies News - Digital Spy Well looks like the sequel to Tron legacy as begun early development =) glad disney decided to go ahead with it. Shows they saw past the partially negative reviews and focused on what a good vision and prospect it was...
  15. Bobjam

    You know you've played too much Kingdom hearts when....

    You put your house key into the door and exclaim: 'Only 2 more worlds to go!' You see a black hooded figure walking along a street and simply walk up to him and ask 'wheres Sora?' When you hear someone has done something really bad you say to yourself: 'damn they really have opened their heart...
  16. Bobjam

    What is BBS Volume 2's real title going to be?

    I've thought about this quite a lot recently and much like when 'Kingdom Hearts 3D' was announced last year, I wonder what Nomura is going to call this next game. Maybe something with 'darkness' in the title seeing as its main setting may well be the realm of darkness or maybe something to do...
  17. Bobjam

    What are People expecting to be announced at E3

    This may seem of course quite obvious on one level but I think in terms of general kingdom hearts news and upcoming developments, I believe this is going to reveal a lot to us about the way in which Nomura is going about the development up to KH3. However I'm still unsure even if KH3 will even...