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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    Okay back up.... This interview means nothing. Look at what it says here... There you go. Also WAY TO Dawn does not mean twilight. Riku is going from darknesss to light, so he is inbetween darkness and Twilight. Still Dark. Also in Regards to mickey's keyblade. He found it in Kingdom...
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    MICKEY DOES NOT USE A DARK KEYBLADE!!!! That's RIKU!!!! I know it says road to the dawn, but that's not dawn yet. Too dark to be twilight.
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    riku's keyblade

    Still too dark to be a twilight keyblade though. He relies too much on the darkness, so it is still a "Dark" keyblade.
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    Drive Form Coincidence?

    Riku has the same number as Anti Too... suspicious...
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    Hades Pandox cup

    Here's another strategy, I beat this round on my first try before I found out that it was supposed to be really hard. My secret: The Reflect Spell. Okay, People, reflect is a lot different than the Aero spell. Unlike that one that stays with you, Reflect is only active for a couple of seconds...
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    air pirate reaction command?

    You could try the Hades Paradox Cup Shady, it has much harder heartless that don't count for experience, but if you get an Air Pirate, you should be able to use the same strategy to get a reaction command from it (It still counts). Anything I can do to help.
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    air pirate reaction command?

    Okay, I did this, it was tricky but it works. First get rid of your party members by either Fusion or Selecting Party Technic. Lock on to an Air pirate, and attack it. Run backwards quickly, and the thing will kick at you. Use it then. And that's all!
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    air pirate reacrion command

    Its Easy. Heres how it works. Set all characters to Party attack, or fuse into Final or master. Hit an Air Pirate, and run farther back. then they should kick at you, and get the reaction command. Simple.
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    How do I learn sleights from Riku's Storyline?

    Leave him alone, we all knew that was going to happen, so back off. Although the location would have been a mystery.... Yeah this is getting off topic. Riku is lame. those are his only abilities. If you want the all you can use ability goodness, go to the much better Sora's side for your gameplay.
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    Dark Sleights?

    Oye... so many look to hard at the abilities, but don't really know what riku is made of (Still no match for Sora, Riku is a weakling baby compared to him). In his normal form he is a lot like Sora only faster but with no special moves, and his dodge move is a jump instead of a roll. In Dark...
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    which form do you like the best?

    I think you can get it at any time, but there is a special trick, and it happens radomly, like trying to get the wizards staff for donald, and the defender for goofy.
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    I have too many spoilers in my head!

    Alright people, here is the best thing to do, which is actually what I have been doing. TAKE A BREAK!!! Get off this and all other KH Related sites, and play some of your other games, or go and buy a new one and beat it. Cram your brain so full with that stuff, and completely forget KH except...
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    which form do you like the best?

    I'm at a tie for Final (Which I thought was called Ultima, which is much cooler...) and Valor (Which Was much cooler when it was called Brave). Those are by far the best ones.
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    ***Kingdom Hearts 2 NA Site Official Launch***

    Random notes on the site... That little coming soon thing is a battle system thing (Found that out scientifically (Pan off it and the name switches)), and I think something happens when you click the mickey keychain, but I haven't checked yet because I am still downloading the story movie. I'll...
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    A new Ultima Weapon?

    Well you have to understand, Sora was short in that game. Range was a big factor in there, and there was only so big they could get without making look Cloudish, and naturally Ultima had to be the biggest keyblade of all. Last game the Kingdom Key was a pretty good size for Sora, now it is...
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    Two Disks

    There was a bit on this that I took part in against Keyblade Shards about this, in the official BHK thread (which oddly enough is now locked... weird...), anyway KS was strongly against the split the characters idea, though I supported it, however this is on one assumption, that the BHK...
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    BHK's two partners...

    I think what he means is that like Sora did in KH, those three will fight BHK as a training method in the early game. That is why it can't be them that are his partners.
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    Minnie's Holy and Sora's Holy

    That move was a level up Sleight... I don't remember what level, but I used it to kill Riku IV, and that's good enough for me. It was pretty good there too. Anyway, Holy is one of those combination attacks Sora does with Minnie, or so the reviews said. Who knows.
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    Fourth Skill

    Yeah, the moves are going to be awsome, but I think there will be special moves depending on the costume (Spin thing in the blue one). But I have a question about this valor form, is it actually the Red one (I thought that was Brave form), because a lot of people seem to be saying that, but I...
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    The Ultimate Kingdom Hearts 2 Thoery CONTINUES

    Meh... I think he meant that there is something to be seen under his hood.... one doesn't seem right to me now, because if it was a crown we would see it in the hood.... It has to be something.... well... on the skin.... I'm sticking with two for now.... but maybe the scar is a shape that...