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    Random Questions

    Actually random QUESTION, not plural. Excuse me if this has been asked before So I was watching that "Floor 9" video with Riku and Mickey And I was listening to Riku's voice and said....that sounds so familiar And I thought about it and realized it sounds like Light from Death Note So I was...
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    yet another KH3 Theory

    i was thinking final fantasy versus XIII could this perhaps BE the next kingdom hearts? i mean its made by the same team, and maybe the XIII has something to do with the organization i know that all of the organization are all dead but i dont it just seems connected somehow and like nomura...
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    hehe i found a type in the Stratedy Guide

    not that it really matters, but in the item section, they mixed up lighting gem and lighting crystal.. that is all
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    final form?????

    ahh ive been trying to get final form forEVER! what is the % of getting it? cuz ive switched to drive form like at least 30 times and still havent gotten it, is there a way to raise the chances? sorry if this has been asked b4
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    wait wait wait...

    when nomura said "kingdom hearts can just be more than a game" or w/e, do u think that meant possibly, a KH movie??!?!?! :eek: that would awesome! sorry if there is already a thread about this
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    ok does anyone agree with me?

    a lot of you seemed to be getting worried the ratings that KH2 has been getting, how its too e z or too much button bashing..........and i dont know about all of you, but the reason why I like the KH series so much is for its story, and i dont believe i once heard anything negative about the...
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    kh homepage song

    i know this has already been asked but i didnt really pay attention to it at the time and i dont wanna go search through the forums.........but.....whats the name of the song that is on http://na.square-enix.com/games/kingdomhearts/kh2/