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    Skipping Olympus Colosseum

    I was wondering, is it possible to skip the first visit to the Colosseum, and going to Traverse Town then proceeding to Arabragh?
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    Help/Support ► programming question

    I would like to program a auto jump on several games that I play on the 3DS, and PS3, so do I need the development kits to do it, or is there a programming file I can edit on the cartage/disk itself? what's the best way to do this?
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    Help/Support ► PS3 arcade stick Street Fighter 4 TE modding question

    does anyone know if you could put programmable-marco buttons on this stick? or do I need to make my own controller for this? thanks
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    Are you jumping ship after KH3?

    Are you guys going to stop playing after this saga ends, or are you going to continue playing KH with the new saga? or are you going to keep the blind eye on the next saga? personally im going to continue and see what happens. and to those who played/watched KH3D, please no spoilers.
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    how do you feel about piracy?

    just wondering how do you guys feel about piracy? is it wrong or right? what are your guys opinion of pirating games, music, movies...etc... personally, I am a songwriter (just starting out) and I think its scary for me going in this career, because people stealing songs illegally, I think it...
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    Video Game Schools

    hey guys, I am thinking about getting my Bachelor's Degree online for gaming design...and was wondering what are the best Video Game schools out there, any info would help. also is Westwood really a scam, I seen lot of complaints about it.
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    Square Enix email on KH3D

    Hey guys I emailed Square Enix about KH3D being localized and they said this "We do appreciate your suggestion toward our future titles. Although I cannot guarantee it being implemented in future projects, it will be forwarded to my superiors. I thank you for you contacting us today." what...
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    if i upgrade my ps3...

    hey, I have a 60gb ps3, I was wondering, if i change it to a bigger hard drive. Can i still play ps2 games? If not, how can I get more memory without erasing data? thanks
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    ps3 street fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcadestick question

    sorry, if this goes into the wrong section, but can you play most ps3 games other than fighting games with this stick? any help will be appericated, thanks.
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    Psp 3000 and ps3 controller

    Can you use ps3 controller with psp 3000, if so, how? please help guys
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    ew... a mmorpg of kingdom hearts, although it could never happen, it does have the potenial being a mmorpg, but i hate to see the future of kh, being destroyed by mmorpg. any thoughts of this? i just hate the idea of it:thumbdown: