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    Anyone out there that has a working swapmagic disk?

    that works wit kh2 of course lol.................anybody?
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    hahaha im getting kh2 before yall do

    im importing it from japan i just ordered it last night and i should be getting it in about a week and dont worry i have my sources on how im gonna read the jap words...............actually i really dont for sure but my friend said you can get full translations of import games at gamefaqs.com...
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    Relationship between DWU and Riku in DEEP DIVE

    Does any know the relationship between DWU and Riku in DEEP DIVE? Post your thoughts THis is a old topic but theres new info out so thats why I rebirthed it
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    G4 is wierd rating game girls

    G4 is wierd or just really desperate. they have a show where they award video game girls thats just retarded. that would be funny if they had Kairi on the show or larxene. I laugheed tha whole time watching the show its so stupid. I mean I like seeing girls naked in games because it adds a...
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    Special collaborations attacks in KH2 like Auron and Sora

    Do you think there will be any other special collaborations attacks in KH2 like Auron and Sora?
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    How can I change my username

    How can I change my username?
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    dusk/dawn and nobodies

    can some one clear this up, because ive heard opinions and theories but no for sure facts. So can some kind person out there explain with out any flamming cause if you do you will get told.
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    Im gonna break this f**kin gameboy I hate Marluxia

    D**nit somebody help me with Marluxia. Im gonna break this f**kin gameboy I hate Marluxia
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    This is starting to piss me off!!!!!

    My goodness, I am at the end of COM and I am having the hardest time with the first Marluxia, he is a ing cheater he breaks all of my attack cards even with the boss card Jafar, someone, anyone HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    The GAMEPLAY video.....OOOOHHHH

    The gameplay video wasnt all that special, it pretty much just showed yuo an extended version of the gameplay in the trailers nothin really new, but was the guy playing the demo an ordinary guy or did he work for SQUARE?
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    why would pirates of the carribean be in KH2 it has no affiliation to Disney or does

    why would pirates of the carribean be in KH2 it has no affiliation to Disney or does it?
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    how do you....

    this sounds stupid but how do you put pictures and edit the member information on the left side when you go into threads? I ve been a member for a while and I feel stupid for not knowing how to do it all this time.
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    will gummi ships return

    Returning the gummi ships will be alot of fun. Ive beaten Kh1 a week after I got it which was more than 2 years ago. and ever since then I go back to my older files and make gummis. How can they make Gummi ships better?:)
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    whats vincents pupose in KH2

    whats is vincents purpose in KH2 I heard he's in it? Post back
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    the proof of soras ending; sometime

    to anybody but mainly sealightbreeze. I rest my case. look at what I said in the thread KH 2 being 2 disks or some thing post back holla
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    What was the team thinking

    IN the newer kh2 trailers they show sora donald and goofy about to take on an entire army of heartless sora has a lot of courage. how did they end up like that? Post back Holla
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    KH vs Devil may cry 3

    Who wins Sephiroth vs Vergil(devilmaycry3)? And Cloud vs Daunte(devilmaycry3)? I think out of daunte and cloud Daunte because that seen of him running down the tower said it all. Not sure about Seph. and Vergil post back
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    How does Final mix fit in?

    How does final mix fit in? I mean it came out long before CoM but it had the cloaked guys in it as of some screenshots of what I saw a while back. the screens had sora fighting one of the hooded guys did any body see that screen? and another thing there were some new key blades added like the...
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    Is the red ninja belts over the face guy good ?

    friend kind of explained Com to me but I had questions he coudnt answer