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    Yen Sid's - light, twilight, dark or other?

    question about yen sids castle. what world was it in the light twilight dark or has it not been revealed. i know you take the train from twilight town to get there but i could swear i read about it not being stated what "realm" he is in
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    what was in the gs ball?

    ive been wondering this for quite some time. it kinda just dissapeared to me
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    e3 today

    it on today at 4 00 dont miss it anyoone no what day is the kh2 coverage
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    megaman sample

    C:\Documents and Settings\kounterkill\Desktop\megaman awsome.mp3 im putting together a megaman and this is just a sample its short but i wanna no you guys thoughts about it ill post more
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    does anyone no who started the whole noobs or newbies im just curious what was the orgin:confused:
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    wiltern vai

    soi need t o no if any one went to the wiltern show with vai and billy sheenan
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    if somebody could translate this it would be awsome http://www.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom2/
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    sora complete

    i wonder if in the game sora turns into complete form and what he would look like any thoughts about this
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    will the game ansawer........

    will game ansawer who created the door kingdom hearts and how was to come
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    i hate this

    i asked a few game stores how much they would take for mega man x3 it came out to about 15 bucks yet they sell it for 65 what are your thoughts about this
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    bots dont give enough experience whats the easiest way to level
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    mickeys cloth

    doesnt mickeys cloths in reverse rebirth look like soras in kh2
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    sephiroth ?

    i beat sephiroth and didnt get anything cause i haeard your suppose to ge an ansem report:confused:
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    kh2 ending

    anybody have a clue how this game could possibly end they put so much stuff i dont even no
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    they should bring back snes games nintendo probly would make alot what do you think
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    white mushrooms

    how do you get them to drop mystery goos all they do is dissapear
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    if you look at the bottom of traverse town in kingdom hearts there is a dark town i wonder if this is twilight town and will it have anything to do with kh 2
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    if you could fight ansem

    if you could defeat ansem youfself personally how would you do it i would just omni slash him
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    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=187&item=8185136973&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW this is a pretty good remake
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    Your Favorite ► cup of noodles

    what is your favorite flavoe for me its salsa picante