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    Data-Axel is destroying me.

    Well, most of the data rematches are, but I've at least managed to beat Vexen, Demyx and Larxene so far anyway. But now I am trying to strike down Axel... And yeah. Help Anywho, yeah. Playing Critical, and my base strategy is press x and cure every once in a while. The main story has... been...
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    Wow, my memory of KH2 is so screwed up.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 is probably my top favorite kingdom hearts game... But replaying it on 2.5 made me realize I forgot a lot of it. Couldn't even remember what half the new heartless originally looked like to even care about the recolors. Forgot the paradox cups existed completely. The one thing...
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    That has to be the bloodiest thing I've seen in anything Disney o_O

    Gosh, poor Braig o_O That was just... harsh. I knew it was coming, but... its disney... I didn't expect it to be all that bloody o_O I find it odd that Disney cried foul over Aqua's outfit, but then allowed them to show Braig getting maimed like that o_O
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    I need some tips...

    on battling Master Eraqus I'm playing as Terra on Critical difficulty currently lv 30, and the guy is kicking my behind x_X Does anyone have any advice on how best to defeat this guy?
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    Leveling up stat boost help

    Having had an absolute frustrating time with the boss in Radiant Garden, I've been working on meshing curas and curagas so I can heal after getting smacked around so many times (I abolutely HATE the crumby lock-on. Lock on shouldn't go away until I want it to, especially since the camera...
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    Spiderman 3 PS2: Need help...

    Okie, I have just met Sandman for the first time, but the cutscene cuts short, and I end up in a big area with a bunch of tracks... Quite alone. I suppose I am supposed to fight Sandman here, but he is not showing up... O_o; And just when I thought this game couldn't get worse x_x; Is there...
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    Calling all Sims 2 PC players! I need help installing x_x;

    Okie... I just bought the sims 2 game (not expansion pack) and I am attempting to install it. And just my luck, I'm stuck x_x; Its asking for a code that is supposed to be located on the box on the bottom left of the box (like most computer programs make you do for security reasons) and I have...
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    Oh no... Not another pointless find by Oracle!

    I was looking at the art for Sora's Space Paranoids form when I noticed something so terrible on Sora's hand O_o; It was... A POKEBALL Dx How could such a terrible thing touch Sorachan? D: ... Sorry to any pokemon fans that might be offended by me calling a pokeball terrible xD Just dramatic...
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    Bald Guy = Xehenort?

    Hmm... Anyone else besides me see a resemblence in the outfit that the bald guy from the FM secret ending wears and what Xehenort's heartless wears? The bald guy /could/ be Xehenort... Or someone related to him :o
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    Another Interesting, Yet Useless Find by Oracle

    Well, I started another new game of KH2 recently, and before I trudged off to Sunset Station for the quest for the 7 Glitches of Twilight Town (as I call them) (and it could be the day before that, I can't remember x_x;) I was killing time by beating up Seifer. Because I am as lazy and like to...
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    Ahh, its been 6 months... What condition are your Strategy guides in?

    Okie, its been approximately 6 months since KH2 and the guide came out, and supposing you got the Guide with the game, its probably seen some wear and tear (unless you are one of those people who buy books and never remove them from their original packaging xD ) Anyways, what has happened to...
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    Whoa. I just noticed something about the Gambler Nobodies

    Did you notice that the cards that the Gambler nobodies shuffle around as they move have the faces of COM organization members on them? (I've spotted Vexen, Marluxia and Larxene) O_o; I never noticed that before. I just spotted it when I was collecting Twilight Shards from them.
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    Umm... Glitch in Hundred Acre Wood?

    Okie. I have encountered an odd glitch. It doesn't affect game play, but its kinda wierd... I have completed the Hundred Acre Wood 100%, but It still has the cover from the original Kingdom Hearts... Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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    What do you miss from KH1?

    What did you miss from KH1? I missed: The flight/swimming controls (they are completely whack in KH2...) Shadow Guardian (Meh... Something about invincible foes intrigue me) Neverland (I want to FLY! Though I guess not since the flight controls a screwy. Also I enjoyed watching Hook cower...
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    Opposition to the theory that King Mickey's keyblade is Darkness...

    I don't think that Mickey's Keyblade is darkness. On the contrary, I think it is the Keyblade of Light. My proof is that he found it behind the door to darkness, and you must remember that even in the darkest hearts, there is always a light. And The keyblade was the light within the darkness in...
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    What form did you think leveled up the fastest?

    This might have been posted, but oh well. Just put drive forms in order of quickest to level to slowest, and maybe tell us what strategy you used to level them up. Round= From the time I start gaining experience to the time I have to leave the world to reset my Drive bar 1. Wisdom -> Went to...
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    What FF Characters would you like to see in KH3?

    Exactly as the title says. Which FF Character would you like to see in KH3? For me, I want to see Red VII
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    Fanfiction ► Of Lies and Deciet (Jade's Story, Renamed, Renewed, Remade)

    Okie... Its been a while since I updated the fan fiction I was writing up xx; So I began to rewrite it to put a little more depth into Jade's life at hollow bastion. Enjoy. --- Hollow Bastion. The Heart of All Worlds. This tainted world that is infested by the dark creatures known as the...
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    Brady Game's KH2 poster duty scores...

    (sry if someone's posted this) Has anyone looked at the scores the Brady Games guys got in the strategy guide? Some of them (mainly michaels) are awsome O_O; Some unbelieveable... How the #$@% did Michael finish poster duty in 1.06 seconds? I haven't maxed my drives yet, but I still find it hard...