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    Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji/Akagi

    Kaiji and Akagi are two of this dude's more popular series, both having an anime adaptation animated by Madhouse and having live-action films. i thought i'd make a thread about these two because of the recent one outs bandwagon (one outs is akagi with baseball and 60% more homolust), and the two...
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    Borrowed Beams of Light

    these men are so obscure they don't have a last f.m. description or a wiki page or any songs on youtube. feel that? that's your hipster dick becoming rigid they have one self-titled album released last january with six songs, that has an arcade fire- funeral sound that i'm liking very much...
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    hoshi no samidare (the lucifer and biscuit hammer)

    figured i'd make a thread since the last chapter should be out within the near future the first part covers a social recluse meeting a lizard that tells him to save the world because some spiral-eyed jerk in pajamas is going to crush the world with a giant hammer in space. he ends up teaming...
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    why hello there

    decided i'd drop back in for the summer and frequent around for a bit. might be fun s1ruckysta you added reaction images with easy access oh well that's neat
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    qB8Kmf4keL0 this anime is too cute the main character is allergic to cats but then he breaks a statue so he can hear cats talk and if he doesn't help them out he will turn into a cat and die via allergens that he is producing as a cat that's kinda morbid but it doesn't really matter what...
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    gg: this is easily the shittiest show we've subbed

    still better than 07 ghost
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    9/13/09 we will never forget

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service for anyone who missed the heart-wrenching conclusion
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    delicious bread

    _Rs-9D-xJ_g this is some serious bread anime and you should all watch it Yakitate!! Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it's an anime about bread and puns that only japanese would understand so it's full of tlnotes except it's like fighting anime except the bread not only is it amusing...
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    The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

    The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer Manga - Read The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer manga scans online. this is some mango about a social recluse who has a visit from a lizard which tells him that he must become a knight and save the world from a pajama-wearing prick and a giant hammer chillin outside...
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    since i'm in the mood for making another obscure mango thread tl;dr a manga from the early 90's that has shinichi's right hand turn into a penis once and is unintentionally funny a lot but deals with shit like humanity and the right to survive.
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    Mirai Nikki

    Mirai Nikki Manga - Read Mirai Nikki manga scans online. tl;dr this is a super combat battle story of a girl who fights, risking her life for a boy if i had to compare it to some mainstream i suppose it's like a cross between death note and higurashi. that being said, don't expect this to be...
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    pasta anime

    lppKBOHY-fk&feature summary Hetalia Axis Powers: This is ww1 and ww2 explained kinda through kawaii and stereotypes. Don't expect to learn anything. korea doesn't like it hilarious [oh and china looks exactly like rossiu]
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    Deadliest Warriors [Spike]

    spike tv? probably sucks it's what you'd get if you mixed khi's versus section and my world history class alright if you look past the forced drama, the RAGING MASCULINE HORMONES that come with every spike show, and the general lack of actual information but uh the samurai episode is kind of...
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    this is the ska studios thread yessir

    hi this is a thread for ska studios (it used to be about dishwasher but that game's kinda dumb) ska studios is a gammin studio that make silly games for 360 live Ska Studios <--that's their blog games they've made that i care about there are more but uhhhhhhh dishwasher: dead samurai i made...
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    Wet Video Game, Debut Assassin Trailer | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com a matrix- looking game first announced two years ago featuring a rather attractive looking asian with a katana and two revolvers that has a rather suggestive title okay
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    unfunny thread

    get it no but really i had a question do oreos taste good with coffee? They seem like they would
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    is anyone esle goin to a midnight relese 4 twilight dvd?!

    AHHH TWILIGHT! *is obsessed* my mom told me that the borders near us is going to be hosting a TWILIGHT DVD RELESE PARTY OMGEEEZ the other day i'm sooooooooooooo pysched for real so is anyone else planing on heading on down this satz? (thats saturnsday its a joke with my friends(lmao another...
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    such a cute yandere

    Talk about the series Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, it's okay sequel kai, and the ova rei overused gif scene from the first season N4Ag1TAR-jc the part of kai worth watching unless you care about the plot SmTNNeTZDYU ova with cute sea bears OshQVDW8c8o
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    Lit ► As Simple As Snow

    Written by Gregory Galloway, this book is about a High Schooler who meets a creepy chick named Anna, and they start going out and the narrorator falls in love and shit. Then she disappears a week before Valentine's Day, and the narrorator attempts to find her. I started reading it yesterday...
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    Tell me why I'm on this site. Oh I already know the answer it's because I want to share my FEELING OF INFINITY and non-conformist views with you all cause, I'm sorry, but you're all conformist pigs. I mean really you're so simple minded and dumb and I want to liberate you all with my FEELING...