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  1. MeggieKeyblader

    Confused about what MX meant (spoilers)

    Not sure where to put this... lol In the secret ending, MX tells Terra that he is only one of MX's "roads that he may choose to take". I'm not really sure what this means... anyone care to clear this up for me?
  2. MeggieKeyblader

    Any ideas about this?

    Okay, so I was reading through the recent Nomura interview and this particular quote got me really confused: I really can't figure out what the "reason" can be and how it's going to influence the future. Any ideas?
  3. MeggieKeyblader

    How did MX...

    How do you think MX left Destiny Islands? The only reason that Sora and Riku were able to leave was because DI was destroyed. I'm thinkin' maybe some Keyblader saw that he would become a wielder, so he went and took him from DI? I really have no idea. Just curious.
  4. MeggieKeyblader

    Ideas for how Xehanort fell

    It's probably going to be number 2, even though that's lacking in originality. And plus, KH is about love between friends, not romance, so I doubt it's gonna be number 1, although that'd be a cool twist I guess. And then everyone can blame everything on that girl. xD
  5. MeggieKeyblader

    [bbs spoilers] MY NEWEST BIRTH BY SLEEP AMV.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, it has spoilers in it so I thought I'd put it in here. YouTube - ~Kingdom Hearts: BIRTH BY SLEEP!~ AMV/Music Video ~Somnus~ Kinda short, and there's a stupid watermark for some parts, but I guess its okay.
  6. MeggieKeyblader

    What Do You Think The Mystery Game Be About?

    Okay, so we all know that there's gonna be a mystery game(OR SERIES?) before KH3 is released that will connect the story together, with a character other than Sora as the main protagonist. What do you guys think this game will be about, and who do you think will be the main character? I have a...
  7. MeggieKeyblader

    Questions Regarding KH Novels

    So, I was reading a few of the translated KH2 and 358/2 Days Novels and came upon some interesting scenes... I'm not really sure about what they mean, so I'll point a few of them out for discussion... I'm not sure if Xemnas planned the death of half of the founding members at Castle Oblivion...
  8. MeggieKeyblader

    Why is Xemnas a Special Nobody?

    Not sure if this is the right section, but BbS may help explain this, so I decided to put it here. Why is Xemnas a special Nobody? I'm sure that there's a known reason, but it seems to have slipped my mind right now. I know Roxas is special because Sora was a Heartless for such a short period...
  9. MeggieKeyblader

    Terra is inside of Riku?

    I have a new theory as to the current location of Terra's heart. When Ansem SoD took over Riku's body in Kh1, maybe Terra's part of Ansem SoD was released into Riku's heart, and thus is currently resting inside of Riku. This would explain why, in the Coded ending, Mickey says that 'The truth...
  10. MeggieKeyblader

    Question about this picture...

    Remember back in 2007, when this picture came out? And someone decoded those random letters and symbols to read this: Now that BbS is out, what do you guys think this means? I'm thinking that the 'two' are Aqua and Ven, but would that be a little too obvious? And what's with the MX Avenger...
  11. MeggieKeyblader

    Birth By Sleep AMVs

    Sorry if this is against the rule or something, but I've seen a few other people post their vids up here, and I don't know where else to put this, but I want to show everyone these and see what people think about them. Here are two Birth By Sleep AMV's that I made in the past 2 weeks. Please...
  12. MeggieKeyblader

    CG In Future KH Games?

    Do you guys think future KH games will be completely CG (good graphics seen at in the opening and ending scenes of past games), just the cutscenes, or only the opening and ending scenes? And what would you prefer? I'm pretty sure that FFXIII is completely CG, so it's possible that KH will be as...
  13. MeggieKeyblader

    Xehanort's Name

    Not really sure if this should be here, but I guess so, since spoilers will probably be used... Can someone clear up for me why Xehanort's an anagram of 'Another' and 'No Heart'? Surely MX wasn't just named that randomly...
  14. MeggieKeyblader

    Is anyone else annoyed...

    That Braig got such an important role in BbS? I mean, he's an awesome guy and all, but in KH2, he was such a minor character, and all of a sudden he's one of the most important Organization members, probably the second most important behind Xemnas. It's like Nomura was last-minute like 'Hey...
  15. MeggieKeyblader

    Who is Epcar gonna be VA for?

    I was gonna put this in the VA thread but it has spoilers sooo... We don't hear Apprentice Xehanort ever talking in the Secret Ending, do we? So who's Richard Epcar (Apprentice Xehanort's voice actor) gonna play? I'm pretty sure he was confirmed to be a voice actor for BbS.
  16. MeggieKeyblader


    Just in case you haven't found it yet. If you have, then sorry. YouTube - KH BBS Intro
  17. MeggieKeyblader

    Quick Question

    What has Nomura confirmed that the 10-minute ending of BbS will show, and what will the Secret movie thingy show and explain? You can delete this once it's answered.
  18. MeggieKeyblader

    Quick Question about Xehanort

    Where does it say that he was found on AtW's doorstep? Just a quick question, you can close this as soon as it's answered. A link to the source would be nice, too. :-]
  19. MeggieKeyblader

    .05 second Scene in Trailer

    Whoah, I just noticed a really quick scene-thingy at 6:51-652 of the new trailer. It's of Terra riding his flying thingy upwards, towards Kingdom Hearts maybe?. He seems to be at the Gathering Place. Here's a picture of it- Do you guys think it's important at all? And if you do, where do you...
  20. MeggieKeyblader

    "Torment" Quote Theory

    Ok so we all know about this quote from Ansem the Wise, found in the new Jump Festa trailer, talking about, presumably, Sora... (Or something along those lines, Youtube isn't working for me right now) ...As well as this quote, from Coded. Theory 1- A possible theory on these two quotes is...