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    I'm back for the Day =3

    Hey everybodiesz! I'm back! but just for the day. Sad I know =( But I'd like to see my friends again because I've missed you guys soooooooo much! I cut myself off from the internet world T.T Anyways shower me with your happiness =DDD
  2. K

    =( ........ish sad

    me hash been banned off the computer and this website is blocked. If i unblock my parents will block it again=( I can come on sometimes when i use this website to come on here but it's acting real slow. :sad: but at least i can come on sometimes..........
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    hai2u lolz This is either a permanent hiatus or a very long hiatus - although probably the former. KHInsider is being blocked on all the computers, so the bottom line is that it's study time! And gtfo-ing internet nao byeee.
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    yayz, it's meh birthday today! I am now a great 17
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    Patrick Wolf

    just wondering has anyone heard any of his songs or heard about him?
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    A scary story my friend told me

    My friend told me this story was was kinda freaky although it might be the way she tells it. I added more detail and that's all. Sliced Drip, drip, drip. Phynia woke up and put on her glasses. She got out of bed, trying not to wake Phillip her Spaniel, and checked all the taps in the house...
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    happy birthday Envy21x

    Happy Birthday Envy21x! You'll get a present from me when i get back but for now have a great time!
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    Another of my very short stories...

    I slumped back in my chair and stared at the ceiling. Plain white painting crumbling away into a dirty brown. The rain pelted hard on the roof outside. I heard a crack opening and opened my mouth to catch a drop of water. It cooled my parched throat. I caught several other drops before turning...
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    ~{~ The Artistry of Schedius FC ~}~

    Rox's very own Fanclub!!! Rox is a very, very good friend and I think she deserves a fanclub. she should have had it a longtime ago but nevermind. FOR YOU! Founder: KAIRI_SUX (Phi Phi) Mascot: Chaos Members: Rox (obviously) Kairi_sux paoupu girl WerewolfNobody Nelo Angelo SeaSalt IceCream...
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    Why are kids scared of dentists???

    My cousin is terrified of the dentist and so are his friends but why? lousy TV shows? rumours? the dentist saying death threats?
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    A short story

    She lay on the cold, hard floor. She stared at her hands smeared with blood and then over to the knife which laid opposite her. What had she become? She buried her face into her bloody hands and weeped like a child who cried when they had a cut except was worse than that. She could her sirens...
  12. K

    leaving....for a bit

    I'm leaving to go on holiday! :D but in that time I can rarely come on D: I will be able to check my PMs i think I'll miss you all going for a week adn leaving tomorrow this is the place where im going: Cresent Head Beach a 6-hour ride
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    sad, very sad.....

    the FMA episodes were so good but why does the movie have to be so crap and to say i was so waiting to finish all the episodes to watch it >:( if you dont agree with this sorry but I think it is.....:( sticks tongue out
  14. K

    Help/Support ► ummm what exactly do I do if...

    what do I do if I have a very good friend but he wants to be my boyfriend but I dont want one yet. What do I say? Im scared of hurting his feelings but I'll better tell him before he asks me and I reject him. ps. It's not you Envy21x
  15. K

    would you rather...

    As the title implies you have to choose what you would rather do/have. And give another 'would you rather...' I'll start: would you rather stay in a lion's cage with the Lion in it or spend your lifetime in jail?
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    which scene in KH1 was the most enjoyable?

    Which KH1 scene did you think was most enjoyable without being disappointed that the game didn't have a skip scene button like KH2? as for me it was the halloween town's scenes :) I found them most enjoyable
  17. K

    Resident Evil: Degeneration

    new movie comin out in september 2008 or next year has Leon Scott Kennedy from RE4 except he looks retarded but at least his voice is still the same :)
  18. K

    Who do u think kairi gonna end up with?

    who do u think the bitch is going to end up with? Sora Roxas Riku Tidus Wakka or a needy guy plucked from the street ????????????????????????????????????????? :confused:
  19. K

    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    A boy in my class is in love with this game and ants to know whether a majority have done that he knows i go on this webste nd asked me coz he has an "over-protective" mother lets say :) i've done that all by the way :D
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    HOW COULD U FORGET ME! give u a clue it starts with S.....

    How could Kairi forget Sora !!!??? It was only like a year :angry: