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    If BBS...

    If BBS gave use the ability to change Terra, Aqua, and Ven's cloths what cloths would you put them in? I'll like to see Terra with AX and Ansem SoD cloths, Aqua in the Org coat and Namine's dress, and Ven in Roxas and Sora's KH2 cloths.
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    Light and Darkness in relation to people in detailed observation

    First Lets get on Xehanort’s plan: He plans to collect the 7 hearts of pure light(the Princesses of Heart) and pour 13 darkness into them to recreate the original x-Blade. There’s also 7 lights to protect the PoH form the 13 darkness Mickey counts those 7 as Keyblade users. MX also...
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    Xehanorts in 3DS!

    Ok so from the new trailer we see Xemnas and Ansem SoD but how can they still exists if MX is now back? Just a tought but could all the xehanorts running around could be people with MX "seeds" in them and turning them into xehanort copies.
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    Who should have been the main character of Days

    I think Axel should have been the main character of Days. It would have been great to see what Axel think and feel instead of from a third POV as well to have play as a character that is not a keyblade wielder in story mode again. Also a better perspective of how he views his relationships with...
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    What's the big problem with KH2 plot wise

    I my self didn't see much of a problem with the plot of KH2. They only problem i saw was the fact the Disney worlds didnt connect, the shitty side villains, and the bad dialogue. Other than that i didnt see much problem with the plot.
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    Was anybody surprised

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    ~♥The Riku♥Naminé Fanclub♥~ "Naminé. She's a wonder!"

    Welcome to the Riku♥Naminé Fanclub -Info- When Namine and Riku first met face to face there was obvious chemistry. These two would later work together for one common goal, to help Sora. But something happened during the year they worked together a relationship was created. It's never...
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    Re:{[✫]}Lexeaus❤Zexion{[✫]} Fanclub

    Re:{[✫]}Lexeaus❤Zexion{[✫]} Fanclub ✫Reasons✫ 1. Lexeaus needs somebody too! ~khlover7 2. Zexion is the only one Lexause can trust 3.Before Lexause died his last word were "Forgive me Zexion" 4.Zexion visited the placee were Lexause died in the KH manga 5.This is probably the only Zexion...
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    Most tragic story

    who do you think has the most tragic story in kh??
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    which characters would you like to see in future KH

    like the tittle said who would you like to see??I my self would like to see Hayner Pence & Olette in the sometime distant future.
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    I've Realised

    The tree new characters that had their face covered in the three new games the hooded girl from 358/2 Days, the hooded man in Coded and, the helmet boy from Birth By Sleep all three of them look like Kairi, Riku, and Sora. Is that kinda odd??
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    How did kairi get king Mickey Letter??
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    most poweful female

    who you think is the most powerful ff female??
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    dose Kairi

    dose kairi recall her time in sora's body???
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    Master Xehanort's Successor

    This thread is about who would come after MX.OK i know we all will be kinda pissed off if some guy out of no were succeeds after MX saga. So I made a list of past villains who mite be the next bad guy after MX. 1.Vanitas 2.Marluxia & Larxene/their Human form 3.Xigbar/Braig 4.Maleficent...
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    The Bad Girls Club

    Bad Girls Club isreality series on the Oxygen network created by 2 producers of the Real World . the show is about seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems who deemed themselves as "bad girls" as they live together for four months. Each season start anew...
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    Aqua's magic or Kairi's heart

    Witch do you think restored sora's heart Aqua's magic or Kairi's heart? if it's kairi then she'll play a important role in restoring some of the bodys of certain character like Vanitas Xion & ME or even restoring the heartless it may even give her some good ass character development. But if...
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    Dual wielding as a main form of battel (For sora)

    who would like Dual wielding as sora's main form of fighting?
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    AtW's Data

    AtW implanted data in Sora wile he was asleep then when sora awoken he ended up looking like Vanitas. i don't find this a coincidence.I belive that the data AtW implanted in sora was data about Van or Ven memories of Van.& that is why. sora look like Vanitas.
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    the similarity

    can anyone see the similaritys in these two screen shots