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  1. Regret


  2. Regret

    Late Night Treats :9

    How many of you grab a little something before you head to bed? I know I do it almost 3 times a week. It's mostly ice cream though. I also totally disregard the fact that you can't burn off the energy you take in with that treat when you start sleeping :x Or, Instead of grabbing something...
  3. Regret

    D is back on the market. Time to auction him off, girls!

    So girls, D is single again. It was a mutual breakup with Sarah, so it's all good. But now that he's single, that means that the hundreds of girls that were previously denied can now have their shot. THAT'S RIGHT, HE'S GOING STRAIGHT UP FOR AUCTION. All girls are free to bid! So if you want...
  4. Regret

    Eh, Like it or Don't

    Eh I just picked up a pencil and started drawing.
  5. Regret


    But of what? D:
  6. Regret


    Copyright©The Note book
  7. Regret

    I Lost The Game!!

    I lost the game!! Don't read this or you'll lose the game too!
  8. Regret

    LHF is lets have fun

    aight this is how the game works. person A (in this case me) is going to place three letters side by side. the next person will make a three word phrase. each word must begin with a different letter picked from the ones supplied. illustration: FYK For Your Knowledge the letters have to be in...
  9. Regret

    origin of the middle finger

    he he so i was in history class one day and my teacher just told us the origin of the middle finger soooooooo here it goes during the middle ages, there was old weapons tecnology, u know long bows cross bows and so forth, well in the middle ages if a archer of the long bow got caught by the...
  10. Regret

    rate the profile pic above u

    i think u all know how this goes i hope no ones thought of this b4 ^^ just click the members name and click view public profile or just do this that will make it alot easier ^-^
  11. Regret

    Fanfiction ► Walking This Road Without You

    hello this is me first fan fic so =P Walking This Road Without You CHAPTER 1...
  12. Regret

    shows they need to get rid of

    this is sort of a spin off to my other thread what canceled shows they should bring back. i think they really need to get rid of transformers energon that show is really sucky and batman beyoned is really stupid too
  13. Regret

    what song best fits ur personality

    my songs would be Obsession by frankie j. and my other one is sweetnees by jimmy eat world. and still frame by trapt and crawling by linkin park.
  14. Regret

    how do u get mushu and terra

    ive been all thrugh that game and im on level 99 and i still cant get those. can someone tell me how?
  15. Regret

    "Everlast" an rp

    "Everlasting" an rp this is my first role play so be nice :D SETTING: all through time and space we will need main charicter boys 1 Gaberial 2. Edward 3. Mistu one or two main charicter girls 1.Emily 2.Terra 3. kagome* 5 baddies or less boy or girl 1. Chirs Ultima Chronos...
  16. Regret

    Disney Channel

    did u ever realize that the disney channel has no outside commercils because their so gosh darn rich? well i was wondering if they have that kind of money y dont they put better shows on then 2 year old lizze miguire and even stevens episods:D
  17. Regret

    insight thread

    i feel insightive so i decided to put a thread out. i might post more on this thread to:D Once upon a time... Thats how they always start, the old fairy tales that i read as a child. It's the proper place for them to start, because right away you know you're going to be taken somewhere else.
  18. Regret

    Sentance Scrambeler

    Sentance Scrambeler game heres how it goes i put a sentance out and u change one word. simple huh? example: i like doughnuts changed: i like kingdom hearts heres the sentance: The stronger the light is the bigger ur shadow becomes. have fun with the sentance.:D n_n
  19. Regret

    favorite teen titan episode

    my favorite is the one were raven gets her 2nd visit from slade with the marks on her
  20. Regret

    Rate The Sig Above U

    i spent a long time on this, and how do u like my quote?:D and how about my avatar 2?