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  1. Spyells

    Summer Event Help

    Hi! I had a question about the summer event in KHUX. On the quest which is Day 7 - 1/3, the target is Dual Durandal. I'm not sure how to defeat this boss. It seems the numbers over his head corresponds to the amount of turns I have until he attacks. Dual and the other heartless attack before I...
  2. Spyells

    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    Well, for everyone who figured we were going to get the Pandaren as the next playable race, you were right. I'm excited and somewhat disappointed. I was hoping for an expansion dealing with the Emerald Dream rather than going to Pandaria. I have to admit I've never heard of them in the WoW lore...
  3. Spyells

    Help/Support ► Halloween Costume/Sora Cosplay help

    Hey, guys! I really want to cosplay as Sora (but any KH character will do) for Halloween. But I have a problem, I'm an 18/20 in women's sizes and I'm not sure where to find a Kingdom Hearts cosplay that will fit me. I already know where to get the Kingdom Key (although I was wondering if you...
  4. Spyells

    Issue with the BBS bundle pack PSP

    I did search the forums and I haven't seen a thread on this (if there is one I apologize) but my PSP has an issue. Sometimes when I'm playing BBS the message will pop up asking me if I want to quit the game. What is even more baffling is that the system does it even when I put it down and I am...
  5. Spyells

    Is Sea-Salt Ice Cream good?

    I'm going to attempt to make sea-salt ice cream. But I wanted to know what your opinions were if you've tasted it. My brothers keep begging me to make it and I'm going to surprise them with it. But I want to make sure it's worth the time first. Kids are picky eaters so I don't want to make it...
  6. Spyells

    World of Warcraft Advice

    I've got a question...xD My godmother is trying to get me into WoW. Right now I have the 10-day free trial. The game is quite fun but it's also quite boring at times (I am still at the beginning so that might have something to do with it). I was wondering if it's a good investment to pay for...
  7. Spyells

    ~╠ ► The King Mickey Fanclub ◄ ╣~

    You are now entering the court of King Mickey! All hail the King! Welcome, to the King Mickey Fanclub! ♥ Banner © huanglulu ♥ "Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light." - King Mickey, KH1 Quick Side note: No spoilers!! If you're going to post King Mickey spoilers on either...
  8. Spyells

    Hidden Mickey!

    I was watching the cut-scene Snarl of Memories with my Mom when she thought she discovered a hidden Mickey. Now I'm not talking about the really big purple one that's been there since Kingdom Hearts I on the tree, I'm talking about one in the clouds. Pay attention to the clouds from the...
  9. Spyells

    What Kingdom Hearts cut scenes do you enjoy watching?

    That second Kingdom Hearts II in the poll was supposed to be coded. Sorry about that. =( What are everyone's favorite Kingdom Heart's cut scenes? You can talk about your favorite scenes in one or all the Kingdom Hearts games if you like (if the scene is from BBS, Days, or coded use spoiler...
  10. Spyells

    (Spoiler) A question my little brother had about Riku...

    My little brother (he's only ten so he isn't allowed to use this board xD) wants to know why Riku needed to uncover his eye to look at Xion in the Xion's Defeat cutscene. [Be nice guys he's only ten! And he will be personally reading your comments. Lol!
  11. Spyells

    Rozen Maiden: The Alice Game (Sign-ups and OOC)

    -Story- The Alice Game. It is a game the Rozen Maidens (a collection of dolls) play for the right to meet their creator who they call “Father,” none have ever seen his face before, or at least from what they can remember. I’ve asked others about these strange dolls, but most people believe the...
  12. Spyells

    Rozen Maiden RP?

    I'm not for sure how many even know what the anime Rozen Maiden is about. But how many of you would be interested in doing a Rozen Maiden RP? I need help creating it. I also need to know if it's worth me starting it or not. So what do you guys think? About Rozen Maiden
  13. Spyells

    The Keys to the Kingdom [Based on the Series by Garth Nix] (OOC and Sign-Ups)

    The Keys to the Kingdom – A series by Garth Nix Seven days. Seven keys. Seven virtues. Seven sins. One mysterious house is the doorway to a very mysterious world. Read about the series (if you aren’t familiar with it) and if you are here is a refresher: The Keys to the Kingdom - Wikipedia...
  14. Spyells

    Chicago here I come!

    I just wanted to let my friends know that I will be gone from the 17th - 21st. I'm leaving tonight actually. I am going to Chicago for my family reunion. I most likely wont even receive the responses for this thread. I'm already packing. xD See you guys next week! :lol:
  15. Spyells

    OH MY GOD!!! IF you live in Southern Cali did you feel that quake!!!

    They said it was a 5.0! My family is so shaken! We don't know what to do! It knocked over a lot of stuff. All the neighbors are outside! I'm so shaken! :cry:
  16. Spyells

    Days in July's Edition of Nintendo Power, Dissidia Bundle Pack, and Utada's new album

    The American gaming magazine Nintendo Power will have a special feature on Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days in their July issue. The excerpt from the magazine reads: No teases or sly hints about next month’s cover game, because we know how long many of you have been waiting for our big story on...
  17. Spyells

    Dissidia Final Fantasy interview and hints at a possible sequel with Kingdom Hearts

    Takashi Arakawa and Yoshinori Kitase (dirctor, writer, and producer) went to a gaming event in Munich, Germany recently. The Square-Enix staff writers had a small interview with German gaming site play3 about the writing of the scenarios in the game and possible ideas for a sequel. Short...
  18. Spyells

    The Magical World of Disney

    Malik stepped out of his cousin’s car. His almond colored eyes twinkled with excitement as he looked up toward the sky. Today was a sunny day. Malik placed his backpack on the hood of Sharon’s Lexus RX as he waited for her to get out of the car. Today will be a good day. Malik thought smiling...
  19. Spyells

    The Magical World of Disney (Sign-Ups and OOC)

    The Magical World of Disney Role Play Thread I am now accepting new templates!! So if there is anyone who wants to join you can do so! xD It's your summer vacation. You are at Disneyland and you are mesmerized by all of the Disney magic that surrounds you. While you are in the park you will...
  20. Spyells

    Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Problems

    My DS is reading the connection for my wireless router. When it tested it the connection worked fine, but I don't understand how to connect it to a game. I'm not sure what to do next. Can someone help me? I followed the instructions on Nintendo's website and I followed the instruction booklet...