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  1. Jolts

    Been bugging me for a while....

    Even since KH1, we've seen Ansem SoD use a guardian heartless to fight. It had always been bugging me what it was, but heartless being everywhere in that game he could have just been controlling a powerful one. Then in BBS in the Final Episode we see Terranort using that same guardian heartless...
  2. Jolts


    I know that all of us like video games (if not, why are you even here?) but as the title says, what are everyones other hobbies? Myself, I've been building puzzles recently and have played around with Legos for basically my entire life.
  3. Jolts

    Different Gears with Unlockable Characters

    Even though the unlockable characters have only three different weapon models, are their combos different depending on the gear you use? Or are all the combos with each model the same just with different stats and abilities?
  4. Jolts

    Optional Missions

    Do optional missions you don't do still show up as holo-missions? And is it possible to get unlock-able missions after the day that you can get them from an organization member, or do they disappear for good after that certain day?
  5. Jolts


    I just started a new game of KH2 and I've just finished playing as Roxas. I was exploring the mansion and I saw some interesting things that may relate to the future of the series. First, what I found interesting was that in Namine's room if you look closely at her pictures you'll find some odd...
  6. Jolts

    My Return

    So it's me, Jolts. I havn't really been active around the forums for quite a while, but I've decided to return. I've been to other forums in my time gone so I'll now be much less noob-ish than I was when I left. If I knew you then hello again, and if I don't then just plain hello.
  7. Jolts

    Would You Rather...

    This is a game where you say stuff like: Would you rather eat a shoe or drink hotdog water? (That's mine) Then the next post will answer that and then make their own question. GO!
  8. Jolts


    Okay, I'm not sure if this is in the right section but does anybody know where I can find a free online MMORPG for macs?
  9. Jolts

    Ender's Game Series

    Personally, this is my favorite series. The author, Orson Acott Card seems to understand the human mind completly and still manages to be able to contemplate it and ask questions. This series has even been described as "a saga of the ethical evolution of humanity, a concept seldom attempted...
  10. Jolts

    Riku Theory

    This is my theory of how Riku didn't get the Kingdom Key. It starts when Ansem the wise starts his research of the heart. That in turn was what led Xehanort to conduct his own dark experiments. "Ansem" Report 11 says: In opening the door that stores a world's hearts, the wall around that world...
  11. Jolts

    Weapon+Enemy Rule

    I know this might be a stupid question but I've been wondering about it for a while. In kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts 2, we all know that your first weapon (wooden sword/struggle baton) can't harm heartless/nobodies and when you get the keyblade, THEN you can harm them. I know what you're...