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  1. KeybladeKnightQ

    Sora’s Casual Pose full view?

    Sora’s casual laid back pose where he rests his head back against his arms is a classic part of his character in fact it’s cause of him that I tend to do it from time to time lol. My question is has Sora ever been in full view when doing this? I’m asking cause I’m posing one of my Sora figures...
  2. KeybladeKnightQ

    Why are people saying he was redeemed? (Spoilers)

    It seems a good majority of the people processed KH3 ending as
  3. KeybladeKnightQ

    Would/could Riku have taken Xion if it came to that.

    If things played out differently than they did in 358/2 days would Riku have still been able to allow Sora to awaken? There are two different scenarios that could have happened that could have changed the ending to days. 1. Roxas left the organization along with Xion. Xion however gets taken...