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  1. riku0147

    Looking Back - First Kingdom Hearts Trailer

    Hello all! I found this trailer a couple of days ago while roaming the interwebs. It seems to be the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts! With the HD remake just around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to look back and see how far the game has come. There's quite a few changes they made even...
  2. riku0147

    Final Mix's in Japanise stores still?

    I'm going to Japan in a couple of months, and I was wondering if anyone knew if the Final Mixes are still out in stores. I mean, they re Ultimate Hits, so I figure they might still be around. Thoughts? Yes, I spelled Japanese wrong, I know
  3. riku0147

    What's gonna happen to Mickey?

    Ok, I don't know if this has been asked yet, but does anyone know what Disney and Kingdom Hearts are going to do without Wayne Allwine (Mickey's old voice actor). Have they found a replacement yet? Just wondering.
  4. riku0147

    Your thoughts about the Dreamcast.

    I was just wondering what you people think about the Dreamcast or your favorive games or if you still even have one. I personally think that it was way ahead of its time, since it pioneered online console gaming. My favorive game was Sonic Adventure 2 and I still have mine working to this day...
  5. riku0147

    A 358/2 Days Article in Nintendo Magezine

    Hey I didn't know if anyone else had posted this, but I was lokkin through the new November Nintendo Power issue and they had an article on Days in there. I don't think it had any new information, but I think it's sweet that Days is getting known in America more and more!
  6. riku0147

    The new Nintendo Power

    I was reading through the new Nintendo Power and in the very back, they said in next months issue, they would talk bout a game that WASN'T at E3... Maybe KH: 358/2 Days?!