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  1. LingeringVanitas

    a Dragon Quest Forum?

    I can tell nobody here is a Dragon Quest fan. Or else there would already be a DQ11 thread started since the game has been out for several weeks now. I can't seem to discuss it anywhere or get any help with the game other than seeing comments or watching youtube videos. Which is a surprise since...
  2. LingeringVanitas

    Can't wait for Reconnect

    That game is obviously going to be done before KH3.
  3. LingeringVanitas

    Transfir outfit to a second account?

    Okay so I been playing Chi for a few days, I already linked my outfit to my MAIN JPN Unchained game. But I got a second Unchained game. So, here is the question I made a SECOND Japanese Yahoo account. The funny part about this is....I go into the CHI game and guess what? It goes back to the same...
  4. LingeringVanitas

    That 300 draw Epic win

    Pulled a Illustrated Sephiroth out of the simple 300 draw. Did anyone else get that lucky on that?
  5. LingeringVanitas

    Lost everything I think[Bluestacks]

    I was trying to install Bluestacks over the current one I had. And I think I lost my save files. Bluestacks won't even install anymore, it says its installed but it isn't. And the install just stood there. I think I lost both my JPN game and my NA game on it. I got both on my phone but on...
  6. LingeringVanitas

    Munny/Campaign Costumes?

    I noticed there is quite a bit of costumes in the JPN version that all you had to do is spend the ingame "munny" on? Do you think these will ever show up in the NA version? Roxas Outfit! Kingdom Box for 9,000 Charge Munny Kingdom Box via Shop for 10,000 Charge Munny - 04/30/2015 ~ 06/04/2015...
  7. LingeringVanitas

    KH1 Cloud in a 300 draw? NA version

    Has anyone spent 300 and got a KH1 Cloud out of it? Because I noticed he starts out as 3 star...so it makes sense he'd be in that draw yes?....And what do u think my chances are to get him? I've been saving a lot of jewels, mostly because I been screwed over a lot. I get nothing but crap, I got...
  8. LingeringVanitas

    ~don't you hate it when

    On your phone, specifically samsung phone when you "force stop" a program, for example KH unchained. Then when you force stop something the "okay" button hovers over the "clear data" button! What if I accidentally delete my data of a game or something else? I'd be half passed screwed, especially...
  9. LingeringVanitas

    The Organization draw Not bad

    If any of you did it, what did you get? I don't think this was a bad draw for me. And I finally got Vexen, which is who I've been wanting to get for a long time now. 2 6 star Roxas, obviously going to put the other inside the first one. Once I can level them both up lol....that is going to take...
  10. LingeringVanitas

    The 3 medal slots they added?

    Does it even count? I mean Timeless River Mickey takes up 2 obviously right? Isn't he a 5 star? Which means his 6 star version would take up another slot yes? You guys kept saying 3...do you mean 3 on top of TR Mickey's 2?....And if so...what do you think they are???
  11. LingeringVanitas

    /A Lingering Spirit emerges\

    Hey all, just wanted to say hi. New here, but not new to forums. And especially not new to Kingdom Hearts. Played BBS Final Mix, KH1 Final Mix[ps2 original version], GBA Chain Of Memories, RE Chain of Memories, 358/Days, Played a little bit of RE Coded. And of course KH2 Final Mix[Translated ps2...