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    [ ! ] New Famitsu Magzine Scans [ ! ]

    Hey Just To Let You Know This Might Be Old If It Is Sorry.. http://kh-3.net/images/media/news/kh_birth_by_sleep/viploader547318gi7.jpg Focus Gauge: As you see in the BBS scan, the gauge looks a lot like the Kingdom Hearts 2 Drive gauge, well, as for the new game, the gauge represents a...
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    Galoop's KH3 Reading... PLEASE READ!

    Hey, Listen Up! I have here just a few therories you may want to think about! 1.What happened to Maleificent andPete? Well I think that once they have defeated the Heartless, they have take control over the castle, and thats what the letter at the end is about. 2.In Deep Dive...
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    Dont You Think?....

    Right This Maybe A Spoiler For Upcoming KH3,4,5,6 so on I think that in Kingdom Hearts 2 when Ansem was goin to sucking up kingdom hearts when Xemnas said "here you all are" I think some one should say no were not and all there disney mates should pop out like Aladdin Herculeas Simba...
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    Beast Castle : Where?

    Ok Sorry I Will Use Punctuation, You Know Gaston, Lofou,Phillipe And The Feather Duster Where Are They? And Belles Father If they Do Make A KH3 They Shud Add Them Ppl In And I Thought Xladin was The Nobodie Of Gaston Sillie Me u kno gaston where are they belles dad lofou philleppe where are...
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    US Kingdom Hearts - Axel Cutscene (HUGE Spoilers!) The Death Of Axel

    :mad: :( http://youtube.com/watch?v=MIIl-OF19j8&search=Maverick22x Here You Go Hope You Like It I Hva e A soft Spot For him now
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    US Kingdom Hearts 2 ( Radiant Garden )

    Yeh Yeh I Got It Before Kh-Vids :p Hope You Like It it has the following Voices Areith Sora Donald Goofy Yuffie Leon Cid And Merlin Do You Think THat Leon ANd Areith Sound THe same ? http://youtube.com/watch?v=4iu5-J--Ahw&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%20II/2%20Ursula%20Disney%20Squaresoft
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    Kingdom Heart Two: Skip The Scene

    Did Any Of You Guys Ever Get Sick Of Playing The Same Cutscene Over And Over Again? You Did It That uch When You Couldnt Defeat A Boss And Have To Restart You Pratically Knew All Of The Words? Well In Kingdom Hearts Two It Has A Feature That If You Loose A Battle It Will Say Skip Cut Scene To...
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    New Vids : English Tron Boss And Cutscene

    ----------------------------------------------------------------Kingdom Hearts Two------------------------------------------------------------------- http://youtube.com/watch?v=r8_a4tr-2is - Sark Boss Battle http://youtube.com/watch?v=K3QMixzMquo - Sark Cutscene...
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    Just A Theroy ( KH3 )

    ok i think if you look at the three knights they are sora riku and kairi becuase once they had that note and kairi got a keyblade they can be three knights also on of the knights has the blade the road to dawn so it is deffintly riku but there is a new character walkin who is it? but it looks...
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    Does Sora Still Have Them?

    Hi Galoop Here. Do You Know If Sora Still Has Dumbo And Bambi Becuase They Are The Only Ones Left For E.g Genie - Back To Agrabah Mushu - Land Of Dragons Tinkabell - Nevaland Simba - Pride lands
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    So Who Dies Again?

    ok people hav sacraficed their lives for sora for example riku tusnami but i herd axel dies for him and maleificent nd pete is this true ?
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    I Thought....

    :confused: i thought pongo was a summon or was tht a load of bull
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    i dunno if this is a spoiler or nothing but riku! is it???

    ok ppl on sum1s sig forgtten who it is had this pic of clould is it riku? or is it tht gut owt of advent children http://my.opera.com/phoenixp3k/homes/albums/1393/thumbs/advent-children-2.jpg_thumb.jpg
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    I relly wanna get this stright

    ok about this whole kh2 october thing for europe its not its just for belgum thts y its a belgum magazine for e.g my ps2 mag says summer 2006 nd thts about right bcoz its about 2 - 3 months after na ok plz be free to pst
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    Europe Release Date For Sure !

    its says in the ops2muk ( official playstation 2 magazine united kingdom ) is says tht kh2 will be out in summer time so tht will be late july early september so it wil be out in them times it does say really summer 2006 so we will have to keep waiting if the uk gamers lyk me get the f****...
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    Where Are The Hell Are They? (read on for more)

    hi there i was just wondering in kingdom hearts 2 where is tidus and wakka they seem to have dissapered will we ever see them?
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    Kingom Hearts 2 : Europe Released

    In the official ps2 magazine uk it has the Kingdom hearts 2 name and in the section of 2006 so it will be deffintley be in 2006 for sure confirmed by square-enix this is all for the uk gamers lyk me
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    Hikura Utada >!< Passion lyrics Englisgh >!<

    Thats The Real One No THe One That She Sings "My Lifes A Battle Ground" When I remember back far, far The future was shining endlessly Below the pretty blue sky We were only a little bit frightened The window was bathed in a nostalgic colour If I keep on looking forward Will I...
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    Fanfiction ► >!< Kingdom Hearts 3 : Keyblade War >!<

    Well I Think... Kingdom Hearts 3 Soras Son Kiro ( Mixing Kairi and Sora ) Kiro Max and Dewey (Hewey or loius ) ( Goofys Son & Donlads Nephew ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Returning Worlds ---------------------- Lion King ( Kiara &...
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    Need To Read!

    Overview Kingdom Hearts II begins where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories left off. Sora and his companions have been asleep for about a year, regaining their memories. When Sora awakens, he eventually arrives in Twilight Town, the place where a mysterious boy, Roxas, who can use dual...