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    *SPOILERS* Xemnas True Goal

    Just a small possible theory i have, but im guessing with Xemnas revelation that nobodies can grow hearts back, im guessing that with the destruction of heartless by the keyblade, hearts are released; where they go i'm not so sure, but my theory is that when heartless are destroyed those hearts...
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    music from BBSFM trailer....

    does anyone have this or is this an entirely new composition? i want it!
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    So you're still sleeping…

    xemnas words to roxas on the 27th day. who was saying this tho? the terra side or the MX side? regardless if they lost their memories or not, how did that know that ven was sleeping if they never saw it?
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    subbed ending for terra?

    can anyone or has anyone subbed it or know where theres a link i can read/view it at?
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    Why Vanitas looks like...

    Sora. if i am correct, ventus says that his and sora's hearts were born/created at the same time right? (on a side note, this would mean that both riku and sora are basically keyblade wielders, but the KK chose sora because of the absence of riku and his disappearance, meaning either of them...
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    13 days, 13 org members

    well with only 13 days remaining until the release of BBS, i think its only fitting that we stop with the theories and such on the game and instead focus every remaining day on an organization member; so with day 13 being today, i say we focus on Roxas and what we do and dont know about him...
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    Vanitas and the Golden Eye

    so now that we have a SMALL SMALL SMALL glimpse of what vanitas may be or look like, who do you think vanitas is now? it looks to me like his hair is darkish brown from the one piece i can see under the mask.
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    so i finally got this ps2 emulator running on my PC and i just started up kingdom hearts 2. and at the end of the 4th day while i was playing, The cloaked figure (Riku in Ansem Form) asked why Sora's restoration had improved. and Diz replied "Namine's interation with Roxas put HIS heart...
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    i think i know who terra is....

    he isnt xehanort... hes the guardian.. the black thing that riku uses to defeat roxas.. terra was swallowed so much by the darkness, that he himself became it.. i think master xehanorts plan was to somehow manipulate terra into giviing into this darkness so that he could control him like...
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    did anyone else notice this?!

    sorry havent been on in quite some time so my apologies if someone already posted this thread; after analyzing the new commercial, i noticed that at the :28 second mark, Ven appears to be experiencing something. well in the background right behind Ven's body, i happened to catch a glimpse of...
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    terra and master xehanort similair to darth vader and that sith guy?

    ha umm...im scared to post this cuz i might get yelled at or flamed or something.. but do any of you guys see terra and MX maybe ending up like how the star wars thing ended up? with terra succumbing to master xehanorts promises of controlling the darkness and having more power??
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    keyblade synthesizing?

    from the looks of the moogle shop on those scans, it looks like you might be able to synthesize new keyblades??
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    great connection to terra being xehanort of kh1 and kh2

    when they found xehanort, all he could remember from his memory was the name xehanort when sora finds the LS (after beating xemnas, possibly returning the original xehanort) , he says all thats left is hate for xehanort. is this a possible connection to terra becoming xehanort, and when being...
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    the person on the beach with ventus..

    i believe its vanitas, and not aqua..
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    why a keyblade wielders nobody can wield the keyblade..?

    i didnt know how to properly entitle this..but im goinh to try and explain. Lots of people are trying to pin down org members as terra's nobody and the main fault with most of the theories is that, if roxas could wield the keyblade as sora's nobody, then so would xemnas or saix or whoever...
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    maybe the best theory ever created...

    So now..i finally believe that i know everything that will connect birth by sleep to the rest of the series..sorry if i just jump into it but here we go.. so first off, lets start with aqua.. i believe that aqua is just plain old aqua..and nothing more; she dies at the end of the keyblade war...