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  1. Candy Man

    Hoenheim Compendium

    I've decided to restart my writing, working my self out of my writer's block funk. Fans of The Froad and Candy Man rejoice. I am I am I am chosen, I am me I am kindness, I am free I am power I am one I am strength and i am love I am not another, not a child no statistic and not wild I can...
  2. Candy Man

    Help/Support ► I don't think I actually dream

    REM sleep is when you dream. It's often refered to deep sleep. It's what makes sleeping worth it and refreshing. I have no memory of having a dream when I wasn't almost fully conscious. I'm always fatigued. I can never sleep for more than 6 hours. I'm tired of my mother's farmhouse remedies...
  3. Candy Man

    Soul Eater Wallpaper

    First real attempt at this. I'm still really new at this, I just fiddled around with clipping and layer masks. I worked in Liz and Patty as much as I could. Comments? Critique? Criticism? Pitchforks? Be brutal, really.
  4. Candy Man

    Weirdest Anime or Manga you've seen

    Manga is good. There's some fantastic mangas out there with original stories and bold art styles. You know this. Anime is also good. Manga in motion, showing us what ink and paper can't. That just seems to to get better and better. but we're not here to talk about our favorites, oh no. We're...
  5. Candy Man

    Favorite Uchiha

    ::::::WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:::: Come on, who is it? who weilds that Sharingan best? Is it Sasuke? Itachi? Madara? or Kakashi if you wanna cheat? We all know they pwn but who do you love the most?
  6. Candy Man

    A Candy Man & Chosen Again Collab

    "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." An enchanted sword is nothing new, though their powers and strength have given birth to musings and quests of the young and restless for hundreds of years. Each mystical blade will succeed the next, until only one remains...
  7. Candy Man

    Makes me that much Stronger

    And so I'm back, from outer space........................................ yeah okay no more lyrics will work. Philmont was fantastic, really. I didn't even miss you people. (j/k) If you're in the Scouts or are friends with someone who is, I definately recommend it. Damn, that was two weeks...
  8. Candy Man

    Fanfiction ► Dan Wiencek's 13 Writing prompts

    Dan Wiencek's 13 Writing Prompts First off, I did not make these up. I feel that would need to be reiterated somewhere along the line of this thread. Now then, these thirteen prompts are designed to challenge and amuse, but I am still genuinely curious what you people can belt out. So I'm...
  9. Candy Man

    Gone for Two Weeks

    For those of you that don't know, tomorrow I'll be leaving for Cimarron, New Mexico. I'll be going to Philmont pretty much the best camp in existence. Why? Bragging rights for one, there's not anybody for thousand miles that has the kahoneysto pull this off. That and it's going to be bitchin'...
  10. Candy Man

    Many, Many, Many GIFs

    I watch anime, a lot of anime. And so I look up things about that anime a lot. And Occasionally, people will make GIF images of anime I like, as well some that are just plain funny. I've accumulated a very large collection of these, Photobucket 1 Photobucket 2 (still under construction, may...
  11. Candy Man


    Editors Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to personal experiences will be viewed as copyright infringment and are viable to get you killed. His name was Maretti, as the legend goes. He no friends and he had no mother, as the legend goes. But despite what he did and who he was...
  12. Candy Man

    Going out to Cali-Four-Nigh-A!

    Sadly, it's true, the time for my vacation has come. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning on plane to Los Angeles. I'll be gone for the whole week and I'm sure I'll be able to get on the net in that time. (And I know you all had a super special birthday planned out for me) I'll be back...
  13. Candy Man

    Favorite AMVs

    Be it for your favorite song or anime or just artistic interest, everyone has seen these fan-made(sometimes even not) wonders circulating the web. They awe, they inspire, they spit in the face of copyright laws. These are the Anime Music Videos. Post a couple links to your favorites. Here's...
  14. Candy Man

    Reformating a DVD+RW

    Does anyone know how to change a DVD+RW into a DVD-R format? ................................. or if that's even possible?
  15. Candy Man

    Sasori versus Neji Hyuga

    Seems to me like this would be a great fight. Sasori can be a hundred places at once, and Neji can see them all. So I ask you, what happens when these two duke it out?
  16. Candy Man

    Naruto Elements

    I've been trying to catalog the charka elements of Naruto characters. Can anyone help me out? I think the Sannin might have all 5, but I really have no evidence towards this. (other than the seal placed on Naruto) Here's what I have so far. Naruto: Wind Sasuke: Lightning/Fire Kakashi...
  17. Candy Man

    Fanfiction ► Kishu Wakayama: The Bat

    Reflection They're gone now. . . they're never coming back. Much too soon. . . too soon they've passed onward. I'm alone now. . .so alone. There's no need for anyone to be this alone again. The pain. . . the pain is great, but I do not bleed. There's no jutsu that can take away the pain I...
  18. Candy Man

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Sean Paul, misheard lyrics. In this general spirit, I've come up with a little image game for one of Queen's biggest hits. Rules are simple. Put the next stanza of lyrics with your own twist on it and a corresponding picture. I'll start us off. Is Dan in real life?
  19. Candy Man


    Site Staff, feel free to move this. I thought it would count as music. Musicovery. Great place to find new tunes. You can search be genre and mood.
  20. Candy Man

    Fanfiction ► Froad's Crap poems

    Ultimatum The choice to make now isn’t clear. All the ways the boat may steer. What it is, I find confusing. Talents I may be abusing. All the prowess of a sow What is it I must do now? Golden fleece, unto the slaughter. Mother, Brother, Twin, and Daughter. All the Fates that can be altered...