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    I'M BACK And BETTER THAN EVER!!(not that any one remembers me or cares)

    Well this is my retrun to Khi!!! And i really doubt that any one remebers me or cares about this ,so i just like to re introduce myslef!! It's been a year since i have been here (thanks to the virus that COMPLETELY shut down my computer XP)And thats about all really i have to say.....
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    Ok i was looking at diseny channel one day( i dont why, i was bored,i was watching with my sister dont blame me) and this episode of this show came on tv i all i thought while watching it was WORST SHOW EVER!! so i want to know what you guy think the worst show ever is.
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    The half blood prince

    Soo,the new harry pottter is coming out!!:36: I read all the books except the half blood prince.So i really dont know if i like or not.. what do you think about thw new movie oh, sorry if this already posted i didnt see a theard for it( or did i....) just kidding.:tongue:
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    Worst things

    Ok,I'm really bored and i ran out of things to talk about.So what was the worst thing that happen to you.I'll tell you mine: My school has two stories, I was walking down stairs with a boy i really like and was not paying attetion.I missed a step then BOOOM!! I fell down the stairs, making...
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    Need help on Re:CoM

    Well, I deicied to buy Kingdom Hearts:RE:CoM the other day since i haven't play yet.I not really good at the whole card system and i'm used to pressing buttons,which making it extra hard for me.But,I REALLY need help fighting Vexen..:cry: So, do anybody have any suggestions for me,please!!