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    does anybody remember me?

    I used to be active on this forum a real long time ago and i was just wondering if anybody has any recollection of me? Also i was thinking of whether or not i wanted to become active again so i want your guys (or girls) opinion if i should or not. Axel of Ice-
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    MX is Xehanort... not terra

    Reading you people talk about how Terra is xehanort makes me angry! so here is my counter Theory. This is gonna be in point form so bare with me. Master Xehanort is Xehanort 1. So lets look at just the Xehanort aspect to this. Xehanort winds um on DIZ's doorstep with no memories. DIZ takes him...
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    Be a bud, Chim spheres please

    I need a manga or anime to watch/read. ones i have already watched/readed. lol FMA yakitate Japan Naruto Hayate the combat butler Cowboy Bepop Samurai Champloo Death Note i am soooooo bored..... please suggest a good anime/manga anything will do... i dont care about the genre. GO!
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    Ven to Sora

    this is a simple theory and there wont be much detail either 1. Ven gives sora the wooden sword (you can see ven in the new scans holing one) 2. when sora looses his keyblade he gets the wooden sword back 3. when he gets the keyblade from riku the wooden sword turns into the keyblade. 4...
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    Naruto.... I am Pissed *Spoilers*

    So i just read the newest chapter on onemanga and wow.... why does kisame have to die? he was my favourite.... and BAM!!!! he is dead. What makes me sad is how he didnt even a good death... it was so generic. Bad guy beats good guy... good guy almost dies... other good guy comes... kill bad...
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    Is it just me or does Terra look extremely horny for aqua?
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    Namine WTF?

    So does namine co-exist with Kairi in Kh 2? if so... then wtf
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    Self Sound Effects

    I dont know if this is just me or what but when you play kingdom hearts do make your own sound effects? example when i use sora's aerial magnet finisher i make the sound "bam!" and when i fight xigbar i say "pew pew pew pew" every time he fires a bullet. and when i use fire i say "pher pher"...
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    Who Should Die?

    If you had to kill of any character in Kh3 who would it be? dont flame me but... i think if Riku died then it would be interesting to see sora's anger.
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    Favorite Animal?

    Whats your favorite animal? mine is panda:)
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    Easy Solution

    So at the end of Kh2 sora chops buildings in half like butter so it got me thinking why doesn't he just do that to every heartless/nobody?
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    Sora's Parents?

    This probably sounds like really really lame but do you think that Sora's mom or dad have anything to do with the future games or even BBS? any theories?