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  1. SouloftheSky

    The Re:CoM Boss Guide

    If you wonder why I put this here it's because: 1. It IS Help & Support 2. Where else could I put it? Yo, I'm Soul, I got a boss guide concerning KHRe:CoM, or Kingdom Hearts Re(peat):Chain of Memories. The name comes from the plot (CoM) and its origin, the GBA game (2004) that got a port to PS2...
  2. SouloftheSky

    Re:CoM Proud Mode Low HP Run

    Re:CoM Proud Mode Low HP Run Well, this is Soul with a question in hand. If you read any of my posts (stalker much?) then you would probably find this weird since I haven't beaten Sora's story much less R/R. But I want to, on my 3rd run (after I beat Proud Mode normally, which would be my 2nd...
  3. SouloftheSky

    Any help?

    Well, it's been over a year since I got my copy of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + and I never got to play it on my PS2. I DID get Swap Magic but it never worked in my PS2 and I want to play it badly now, I used to control my anxiety but now I can't. Also, when I try to use the CD version to then...
  4. SouloftheSky

    Kingdom Hearts Collection

    Well, I thought about it and I figured that it could be nice to get a port of the 1st 2 KH games (maybe even Re:CoM) to the PS3. The PS3 doesn't have back-compability so I kinda would want either that or a port. GoW had it to make people want to buy GoWIII and had a demo of it so why not KH do...