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    Should I....

    Okay, so I'm thinking of importing the Jap version of the game, I can play Jap games on my PS2, and I can read Japanese (can't understand everything though, been doing Japanese for 3 years at school, so I can understand all Katakana, so menu's and magic shouldn't be too difficult) I just wanted...
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    7 Clips in 1 + Subtitles

    I got all of the 7 recent clips, put them all in one movie and put subtitles on them, hope you enjoy them :P http://files.filefront.com/KH2_Trailers_Subbedwmv/;4350893;;/fileinfo.html
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    I think I found a 3rd Unknown in ASAS

    Ok i as just watching this the other day, and i *think* there is more then 2 Unknowns in it or Organization member, whatever u want to call them here is the link to the image. Also wanted to say that u probably just think that this guy is the duel wielder, but I dont think it is, because in ASAS...