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  1. Newbie

    Hello gais. I'm your new member here. Nice to meet you all. Kingd0m He4rts RoXXXXX!
  2. When Seacats Cry.

    Episode 5 ftw.
  3. Hey

    Guys, i need an update on what happened in the KH world this past few months.
  4. DS,DS,DS!!!

    It's not the Nintendo DS you fools. It's the Dark Soldier. After Seeing the Leaked BBS trailer, the first scene shows DS walking towards Ven. He said: "Those who submit to darkness are not qualified to wield that keyblade. Already, that man. Is a monster infused with Darkness!" Wow. That's...
  5. So, Is Xion the next Kairi?

    i don't know. don't ask me.
  6. Prince of Persia

    There is a new POP that is going to be released this December. Not related to the 2nd Trilogy.
  7. Master Xehanort's Plan.

    As everyone had said, MX could be Xehanort. IF he is Xehanort, their plans could be the same. We all know that Xehanort seeks those with "pure" hearts. Its obviously those Princesses of the Heart. He wanted to use them to open Kingdom Hearts coz he thinks it possess the Greatest Darkness. As...
  8. The World Only God Knows ?

    Anyone knows the Manga? It has a pretty neat story. Plot:
  9. !

    Let's Start. You wouldn't receive a keyblade if your heart is weak. Darkness might have makes someone stronger but, their heart might be weaker. Riku was supposed to received the KK, darkness entered his heart, he didn't receive it. That was what everyone thought how Riku didn't received the...
  10. [Muzik]Umbrella by Vanilla Sky

    Original Song by Rihanna. Epic Performance and Music Video by Vanilla Sky. Here's Proof: YouTube - Vanilla Sky - Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)
  11. See Ya!

    I won't be able to go to this site anymore. I'm really busy with school and everything. I guess this is goodbye. You guys won't see me anymore.
  12. How the hell can the new enemy came from the Light Realm?

    I've been seeing guys posting things about how the new enemy came from light realm. I mean, how? Light and Darkness are eternal enemies.You possibly cannot have powers coming from the light realm if your not-sided with the Light Realm itself. Let me hear it.
  13. Manga Murder Case

    Well check this Link: Manga Murder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia What the Hell?
  14. GIF files

    I really don't know how to save a gif file. Whenever i try to save it like an ordinary image, it stops moving.
  15. Why Can't I find a good topic to debate on?

    Sheesh. I always check Future of KH section but, i can't find a good thread nowadays. I'm kinda tired of checking new thread that isn't really connected to the new games.
  16. Task Manager

    Well, someone disabled my Task Manager. I don't know how to make it work again. How can i make it work again?
  17. Yes, A Human Tetris Exists.

    ROFL, Man this thing was kewl. But the music got stocked in my head for too long. YouTube - The Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume Reymond The creator even created space invaders, o_O? The main site: NOTsoNOISY : Atelier de graphisme et de création multimédia
  18. Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    Decided to make one due to many confusions. Might need help not sure at anything here. Oh, I'm also kinda explaining a few parts here. Edit: Found Out the 358/2 Days starts before CoM. Gotta Edit. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep -10 years before the start of KH1. -MX and DS gone missing. -VAT...
  19. Yes, 358/2 Days isn't just about the 14th member.

    You know what? I'm sick and tired of people saying that the 14th member is the only thing that makes 358/2 days important. Well, Your wrong. I've got some things to tell you that 358/2 days is NOT just about the 14th member. 1.Ah Yes, the infamous Organization XIII. Well, we don't really know...
  20. [MUSIC]SlipKnot

    Yes, You all know SlipKnot rules. With their Awesome Masks. Awesome Band Members. Awesome Vocals. Awesome Stage Performance. Only one word can describe them, They Rule. (Make that two) Here's and Example: YouTube - Slipknot - Wait and Bleed